When the “boys” get together with to much wine !

So, if you have read my previous blog article about my fantastic fly fishing trip with Damien of Deep Canyon Outfitters in Sisters Oregon, your imagination is probably going wild, right ? I’m sure that you were tantalized when I talked about the chef and “bagman” who cooked each morning and evening for us after our hard full day on the Deschutes River. The fact is we ate very well on this trip, and Ken Clarke the chef, made this trip totally enjoyable. From fresh hot coffee (and my favorite vanilla creamer ) every morning, with egg wraps, to full course dinners with beef skewers. And, there was always “snacks” awaiting us when we fell out of the drift boats in the dark ! My favorite being the sliders cooked in cast iron on an open fire.

But this story is about wine, so lets talk the red stuff, because that’s all I ever saw at the table. Real outdoor men drink red, before they go to bed ! Gary’s new slogan I guess ? With only six of us there at the table each evening at dinner, we sure did open a whole bunch of great, and some not so great wines I must say. We all contributed, even the guides, and I must say, some exquisite and delicious wines poured down our throats, from Oregon and California. And may I say, even on the first day, when my fishing buddy Kurt and I examined a bottle of 12 year old scotch for issues before dinner, I still remember sipping some excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. That is for the most part, one of the last memories I have that evening,

I will say that on the last night of the trip at dinner, the subject about what wine to drink with what meal, or with whatever did come up, and usual, I always have an opinion. I gave my little dissertation which basically is just this. There are a plethora of “wine critiques” and “experts” out there that will tell you that you must only drink certain wines with select meals. Having white fish for dinner ? You must have a white wine for sure. A steak ? Cabernet Sauvignon or another heavy red. 

What I tell everyone that asks me, or when giving a talk about wines, whether for dinner, with a snack, or on their own while watching a ballgame, drink what you like, what tastes good to you, with whatever your having for dinner. If there are guests involved, then sure, have a bottle or two of alternatives available, especially is they fit the “wine snob” category. One thing that I do have a pet peeve with, is serving temperature of wines being served, but that’s for another day, another blog. I will say that I believe my opinion was well taken with the guys, but then again, they are all my good friends, and who ever really tells a friend he’s full of crap ?Image

One final statement about wines and choices. Blush and Rose wines are becoming very popular, and fit right into this conversation. They can accompany almost any meal with elegance, great taste, and are non-offending to most guests. Keep in mind, I said most.


Clink Clink



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