The World of Wine Apps

Talking about “best wine apps” is something in today’s fast paced market that can be a futile attempt to nail.  That being said, I will try to stick to “Apps” connected to wine programs that I have been using for a while, and are still great choices today, or ones that are relatively new and exciting that I have been evaluating and you shouldn’t live without.

The first is called and links to CellarTracker, and the name tells exactly what this app does, sort of. I discovered this program a couple years ago, when I first decided to toss my IBM Based Notebook in the can, and bought my first Apple. Since adding my iPad and iPhone, this program is one that I find myself using daily, and you will too.

Before this App, I used a notebook, filled with pages listing the 500+ wines in my wine cellar, and tried to keep up to date with what I added, what I drank, and my tasting notes. With CellarTracker, you do this on your phone or ipad, anytime, anywhere. And that’s only the beginning, because it just gets better, with thousands of “tasting notes” on wines you call up, wine reviews, and of course your UTD catalog of what’s in your cellar, including when you put it there, drink by date, and when you opened it, and your tasting notes. Once you start using this app, you will find that you impress your friends and yourself.

One interesting note is that if you have ever “googled” a specific wine, you probably noticed at least one “CellarTracker Review” come up. Another is that this app is only $2.99 but the cost savings is that the use of CellarTracker is free! A few years ago the designer and owner of this program designed, and continually provides it at no charge. He happily takes donations for the use, and if you can afford a few dollars to give him, that would be special, but not required. Once you start using his program, you will discover what a deal it really is.


Another great wine app that I use is Hello Vino, because no matter how much wine you taste, and how many countries and regions you taste wine in, you can always use a fresh idea, choice, or pairing from someone else’s experiences. That’s what you get from Hello Vino. It will offer suggestions on what to pair with whatever meal you are going to enjoy, it can suggest wines by specific taste or flavors, a wine from another country, or what wine to serve for a specific occasion.

This is the app that you need when you are shopping at that wall of wines, wondering what to buy for Father’s Day Dinner or on that deck this summer with your friends at your barbeque. It will assist you in finding that good, affordable wine, that won’t go to waste because remember, nothing is better than a referral. Probably the best news about this app, besides how helpful it is, is that it is a free app! So enjoy.


Finally there is a wine app that goes by the name “Pair it” that is awesomely helpful to not only the “wine snob” (when he or she is alone or ducks into a closet), but the average Joe or Julie. Let’s face it, more and more wine drinkers both new and old to the sport, are realizing that you don’t always pair fish with white wine, steak with Cabernet Sauvignon, or Champagne with a wedding! This app is like a party in your iPhone! Impress your friends when out dining, by entering your choice of wine, then shake or “swirl” your iPhone and it will give you choices to eat with that particular wine. With a food library of over 1000 dishes, and well over 180 worldwide varietals to choose from, how much fun can one person have?

The app “Pair it” enlightens you to the fact that some things aren’t cheap, but come on, for a mere $4.99 where else are you going to get a bargain on an evening of fun, all because you spent under $5 ?


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