Remember when things were simple “The Treehouse”

You have climbed your way to the very top, struggling at times to make it. What were they thinking when they made this journey, up to the heavens. The sights, colors, landscape surrounding the area have been spectacular , and even though at times you have felt that slight hesitation, maybe feed, you finally arrive at your destination. You climb up through that trap door in the floor, and enter the fantasy world of the treehouse you and your buddies built in the woods.

You have entered a world different than every day, than the world of everyone else. This world you and your buddies have created, a club, a fantasy, a private world where you shared with each other such wonderful things. Your memories may be of that first attempt at smoking, or should we say turning green and throwing up ? or maybe sharing a can of beer someone “borrowed” from their dads refrigerator. Whatever, you all enjoyed that club, and being on top of the world, where you could view your surrounding lands, and relax in its peace.

I recently experienced this very same feeling, all these years later, and I will not comment on how many that would be. While in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Wine Country visiting some of the greatest Pinot Noir producers in the U.SA., IMO of course, I found myself climbing higher and higher into the clouds. On winding roads, twists and turns, through breathtaking vineyard views, I finally arrived at the top, and there it was, the “tree house”.

So named by Vista Hills Vineyard, Dayton, Oregon, and their winery located at the end of NE Hilltop Lane. When you arrive and exit your vehicle, the crisp clean air engulfs your senses, the quiet, maybe the sound of birds or was that a distant coyote ? As you enter the doors of this beautiful wine center and tasting room, you find yourself in a big open ceiling room, with windows everywhere, and the views are incredible.

As you mosey up to the bar, you watch as your first taste of maybe the Treehouse Pinot Gris splashes into your glass, the aroma of apple and tropical fruit fills your senses as you bring it to your lips. Then you notice the outside deck, and decide to head out there to enjoy your tasting while viewing the lands below.

On the deck, you are taken back to those childhood memories, as you find yourself in your own little world, high up in the sky, where piece and quiet, and fresh air, and yes, friends join you.

I found myself doing just this, although on my third tasting, I was enjoying a glass of the Vista Hills 2010 Skyraider Reserve Pinot Noir, which I might say is a really big Pinot, with a finish that last as long as I gazed afar.

So is you find yourself in Oregon Wine Regions, may I suggest searching out the smaller, maybe less known wineries, that offer you more than a taste of their wines, but in fact, your own “Most Excellent Adventure”.

The Vista Hills Winery “Tree House Tasting Room”

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