“And the Oscar goes to”..the wine or the roast?

The tri-tip roast was about a half an hour from departure from the Traeger Smoker as I strolled into the wine cellar for something fantastic to enjoy with this hunk of pleasure. Scanning the rows I decided instead a Syrah or Zinfandel, my mouth watered for a great Cabernet Sauvignon. Up in the top row where I continue to keep special vintages from the reach of my wife (something she has learned to respect I happily announce), was a 2005 Clos du Val from theStags Leap District, Napa Valley from my last visit there.


Even as I walked from the cellar, my mind and palate was reliving my experience at this fantastic and well known winery. One needs only to examine their label to see that this is a family business who enjoy life,wine and pleasures that wine brings, by the “Three Graces” on the label. An artist rendition of the three daughters of Zeus of Ancient Greece,  singing and dancing and being the life of Olympian parties. And let me tell you, when you pop the cork out of one of their wines, it’s a party in your mouth!

Speaking of the cork coming out of the bottle, let me tell you a tale. As I attached my new fangled electric wine bottle opener to the cork and started to remove it, in sudden horror I watched as the cork fractures into pieces. My heart sunk as I immediately presumed the worst, that it was dried out, allowing air into the bottle, and ruining the wine. As has happened in the past, I continue to wonder how, when I am so careful to keep all my wines on their side and corks wet and sealed, this still happens.

strainer / funnel and flasknecessary items

strainer / funnel and flask
necessary items

So what was I to do next. Out comes my handy dandy brass funnel with its own removable metal  strainer, something all serious and not so serious should have. Whether you need to remove sediment from a bottle of wine, or in this case broken cork floating in the bottle, these tools are life savers.

So after carefully straining straining the wine, I proceeded to pour a taste into my glass to see if I have lost this great wine or not. As I give it a swirl and bring to nose, I am not getting anything “fowl” which is good, but also not getting an abundance of fruit or spice on my nose either. Keep in mind that the “experts” gave this wine very high ratings, with 10-15 years to develop.

When I brought it to my lips for my first sip letting this dark red Cab flow over my palate and around my gums, and beyond, the smile developed and my mind said “winner winner”. The mildness of the tannins developed over the eight years along with black currant and blackberry produced a smoothness and length of layers, reminding me of the fine wines of Bordeaux.

I will tell you that dinner was superb and I really can’t give the “Oscar” to either actor, wine or roast, but will say, they were a winning team for the little guy.

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