Getting “stoned” before the “big wine event”

Here it is, Saturday morning and I just finished two hours at the Redrock Spa at 7 Feathers Casino to get the kinks out, muscles relaxed and my mind ready for the activities this evening. But before that I needed something else to relax me. A nice, large tasty Bloody Mary to finish an excellent morning, and hey! some video poker anyone?


The activities I am talking about this evening is the Greatest of the Grape wine and food event held each year at the casino here in Souther Oregon. The 7 Feathers Casino is probably the finest Indian Casino I have ever been to, owned and managed by the Cow Creek Indians. With everything from a 4 Star Restaurant, the Camas Room, and a kick but RV Park.

But anyway, here I am relaxing at Styx Sports Bar in the casino, sippin tall Bloody Mary, after getting “stoned” at the spa. That is to say they place and rub your body with hot stones, and really give you a work out. I’ve had a few of these around the world, but have to admit this was one of the best so far. As I sit here popping $20 bills into this video poker machine, I’m thinking about how mellow I am and how enjoyable it will be to just cruise through the wineries tonight, without “working”.



Now I’m ready for four hours of sippin Southern Oregon wines, paired with foods from various restaurants that were paired with each winery attending the Greatest of the Grape. Always a fun event, with dancing and a silent auction.

More tomorrow when I re-cap this evening.

Cheers all,


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