Top 5 reasons you need a Wine Cellar

Over the years after really discovering wine when I relocated to the West Coast, I found my tiny but excellent collection of wine increasing. We all have been there, with wooden wine racks in the living room, closet, bedroom and garages. I never really though twice about why I was storing my wine bottles in that wooden wine rack in the living room, where I kept the temperature at 68-70 degrees. Why would they sell so many of them if they were bad right?

Wine Cellar/Tasting Room (private) @ Abacela Winery

Wine Cellar/Tasting Room (private) @ Abacela Winery

Then I started learning about the importance of keeping my wines at a lower temperature , and began rotating between the garage and interior closet. I lived in the Pacific Northwest,and could keep them relatively cool. But as time went on, my collection got more expensive, with wines that could cellar for 10-20 years, I realized it was time for accurate temperature control. But wait, thats not the only reason I decided to build a wine cellar.

Here are my top 5 reasons you need a wine cellar / closet/ refrigerator.

1. Ask anyone in the wine business and they will tell you the correct wine storage temperature is 56 degrees F plus or minus a degree. Wine kept at this temp will age properly, not spoil, and also more convenient to serving temperatures. For most reds you can take a bottle out and serve, and minimally chill whites. More on serving temperatures in a later blog.

A simple wall unit will work in a closet conversion.

A simple wall unit will work in a closet conversion.

2. For security of your expensive wines. I don’t know about you, but my wine collection is one of the most valuable things in my home. With that in mind, my wine cellar is secured with a custom solid core hardwood door and a numbered push button combination lock system.

3. Under age children. Not only do I keep my wine collection in the wine cellar, I also store my alcohol there also, in a special chamber.

4. Once you have a wine cellar, you will find yourself keeping a more accurate inventory of your wines. This is helpful, because nothing is worse than “discovering” an awesome bottle of French Bordeaux that you should have opened and enjoyed, three years previously.

Wine Cellar Door and Lock

Wine Cellar Door and Lock

5. Having a wine cellar, you now can refer to your “Smart Phone” for the decision on which of your wines you will serve with dinner this evening, walk into the wine cellar, and know exactly where it is.

6. Yep! A bonus reason!  Your friends will either now realize you are a “wine geek”, or you’ll impress the hell out of them.



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2 Responses to Top 5 reasons you need a Wine Cellar

  1. Wine Racks says:

    Keeping your wine collection behind locked door is something that would not have occurred to me. I have a friend who recently started collecting quite a lot of bottles of wine; it is worth mentioning to her not only to keep them in a controlled temperature location, but also to keep them under “lock and key”.

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Additionally I would say that anyone with children or access to home by children should consider this option. It also
      gives you a place to secure your single malt scotch ! ;-))

      Putting a security lock system in my wine cellar door just seemed like a good idea. First, I have approximately $8000-10,000 worn
      0f wine at all times in there, sometimes more. I live in rural america, and although we see little crime or break-ins, vandals
      would have a field day in there. It prevents the door from being left ajar, and running refrigeration system full time.
      It also is quite impressive when guests are here for dinner, and I have to enter a code to get into the wine cellar for their wine.

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