In need of a “Panty Dropper” in your life?

In a world where we are all challenged by longer hours at the office, and trying to keep up a love relationship back at the pad, sometimes a little extra planning can release that stress and leave you wearing only a smile.


The next time your love interest calls and tells you they will be late on a Friday and will be ready for a quick meal before heading to bed, maybe you can turn that statement into something a little more “steamy” shall we say?

Plan a nice dinner, maybe something you know she enjoys, and that you can easily prepare. For romance, something that is sensuous and considered “finger food” is a great Segway to passion.

A trip to your local wine store is your next stop for a successful evening. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if your unfamiliar with wine choices. Sometimes even the professionals will leave this up to a good sommelier.

OK, did ya notice the bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator door ?

OK, did ya notice the bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator door ?

If you two already have a favorite sparkling wine, then purchase a bottle of that, or maybe two? If you don’t, then try to find a familiar face in the medium price range of sparkling wines. Of course one of the Champagne’s of France would be most excellent if that’s in your price range, but if not, may I suggest a sparkling like Gloria Ferrar of Napa Valley Oregon’s Brut Rose maybe?

Another suggestion to help put the finishing touches on your cozy evening, is something sweet, that you two can sip with or after desert. Two possibilities come to mind immediately, Port and Ice Wine. Depending what you are having, like maybe something decadent like chocolate moose or truffles, then a really good port like maybe Fonseca Bin 27, which is a ruby port that you can purchase for around $20. Another choice would be a Tawny Port like Cockburn’s 20 year old available for around $30.

Now your Ice Wine’s are a whole different matter, as they are only produced, or almost only produced when grapes are allowed to freeze and ice up, boosting the sugar level. I say “almost” because there are some producers that will actually create the ice, by freezing the grapes, and pressing the juice while frozen.

If you live in an area of vineyards, then chances are you can find Ice Wine, or at least a sweet Riesling or maybe Gewurztraminer, both of which are used for Ice Wine. If your local wine shop is a good one, there should be some Ice Wines available from Canada, a large producer of this specialty wine, for obvious reasons.

Champagne and Sparkling's from my cellar

Champagne and Sparkling’s from my cellar

Now it’s time to prepare the atmosphere of love, your greeting that says, “I so appreciate you, how hard you work, and I have prepared something special for you”.

To do that, pick a romantic place in your home, like in front of the living room fireplace in winter, your private balcony or patio in summer, or even your bedroom where you can set up this delicious finger-licking treat while you lounge with them on the bed. Wherever you choose, watch your time, and have the candles burning if available, the lights lowered, and dishes, silverware, plates, bowls, napkins, set, in addition to the bowl of shrimp, sauce, wine on ice preferably, in a container, along with two glasses.

When he or she walks through the door, greet them with soft music, low lights, and a glass of wine, and of course your lips. Remove their coat, briefcase, shoes and as many other articles as possible and guide them to an evening of pleasure.

There is nothing that relaxes and removes stress, or more sensual than sipping champagne with the one you love while eating shrimp with your fingers, and letting go of the world with each bubbling sip.

If there were ever a wine called a “panty dropper”, for sure chilled sparkling wine would be my choice. Bon Appetite!


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