A “Taste of Temecula”, surprise your palate

I had purchased two very fine, thick cut steaks yesterday to cook on the Traeger Smoker / Barbecue, which if you have never experienced, your just missing out, just saying. Of course, with a juicy steak, on a Friday night, or any night for that matter, you need a great wine, right? So off I go to the wine cellar, to see what I can come up with. As I head in the door, a little voice from the wife says, “didn’t we bring home some wines from Chapin Winery last time we were in Temecula, CA?” I just love it when my wife offers a suggestion instead of just leaving it up to me.


So there I am looking over the rows of bottles, and there they are, six bottles from Chapin. Of course, I’m looking for some good red, fuller bodied, with some medium tannins, however, I also know that we will be sipping some before the steak, actually some fresh shrimp marinated in garlic and herbs. That being said I chose two bottles, one for before, and one during dinner of course.

My choices for before dinner, with the shrimp and possibly a sip or two with the steaks, is Chapin Family 2008 Marche Rosso IGT. What you would expect upon your first swirl, sniff and sip, is a dark red/ruby color, with berry, roses and slight tobacco on the nose, exactly what I experienced. My first sip produced a dryer, smooth vanilla, cherry, plum and some smoky flavors to a surprisingly lengthy finish.


Specifically for dinner with my gorgeous steaks I selected the Chapin Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008. This wine exhibited the intensely dark ruby-red color I love to see when pouring my first taste, and the aroma of black currant and cherry, emulated from my glass. My first sip gave me those berries along with a taste mid palate of chocolate and coffee with hints of vanilla, and coconut. I loved the coconut! The finish was, as I expected long, and silky, with smooth tannins.

Needless to say, both of these paired very well, complementing my steak. Of course, the Cab just kicked ass, and left me anticipating my next dinner and opening another bottle.

On the way upstairs later last night, my wife casually asked what our supply of these two wines was in the cellar. When I told her, her reply was, “tomorrow you will be calling Steve Chapin, and having him send a case or two up, right away!

I love my wife.

Cheers all,


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