Let’s get “Crabby” in Astoria!


Two weeks and I leave for one of my favorite wine and seafood adventures, the Astoria Crab, Seafood and Wine Festival held every year this month. This year it’s held April 26-28 at the fairgrounds. This event not only features some of the best wineries of the Pacific Northwest, but also some of the best fresh seafood I have ever tasted. Lets face it, fresh oysters, clams, shrimp and salmon? Are you kidding me? The hell with my diet!

Entering one of the tents at Astoria Crab, Seafood and Wine

Entering one of the tents at Astoria Crab, Seafood and Wine

This event has become not only one of the most attended of its kind in Oregon, but is an experience. As you stroll, or squeeze you way between some of the winery booths. You will see adults in crab hats, crab attire, crab jewelry, it’s almost like a cult happening.

This event, as well as the Commercial Fisherman Festival has really helped this community to stay active, get exposure, and basically, stay alive. As with many smaller towns, especially one based on fishing for a living, things have gotten tough. From my many years returning to this town for festivals, as well as researching for my magazine articles, I have learned one thing. This is not only a very historic town, but also a town of inhabitants that are fighting to stay alive. The entire town volunteers their time for this event, from the ticket takers, servers, and bus drivers, to the person picking up the broken glass from the floor.

Who knows what celebrities you will meet in Astoria, like "Captain Rick" of the Maverick, "Deadliest Catch" (and me of course)

Who knows what celebrities you will meet in Astoria, like “Captain Rick” of the Maverick, “Deadliest Catch” (and me of course)

The hotels are great, campgrounds abound, and you don’t ever need to worry about drinking and driving. Volunteer busses have scheduled pick up stations all over town, be it a hotel, camp ground or Fred Meyers parking lot. On that note, if you plan to attend, just know they may not have a massive police force, but the police force does know everyone is drinking wine, and they are waiting for you.

So if you have plans to be in the North West, live in the North West, or just want to have a great time, head to Astoria for this excellent event. But just beware, like with puppies and kids, it’s hard to have just one.



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