Get Crabs, drinking wine and fly through the air without a plane in Astoria, Oregon?

Every year my experience in Astoria, Oregon this time of year is exciting, and I always find a new experience while there, at least one. This year was no exception to that rule, and I have to tell you, if you haven’t been to the Pacific Northwest, and specifically Astoria / Warrenton, you are missing something special.


I come each year mainly for the Astoria Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival held at the fairgrounds. I believe this to be the best of it’s kind in the Pacific Northwest, but really, how can they fail? Located at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, in one of the finest fishing capitols of the world, in “crab heaven”, in a state known for it’s fine wines, how can you go wrong.

The hospitality of this town known as Astoria is pretty darn special, with this festival being run by town volunteers, and developed over the years to accommodate  attendees so they don’t have to drive from this wine event. Yellow school buses with volunteer drivers run routes back and forth from the fairgrounds to all area hotels, campgrounds and special parking lots.


Many of my favorite wineries were pouring again this year, along with some new finds which happens every year for me. This year I was sort of on a mission, as my wife informed me that the red to white ratio in our wine cellar was way over on the red side, and I was to build up whites. We both chose to seek out some new whites for the upcoming spring / summer weather and our endless supply of white fish and shellfish, including my favorite, Oregon and Alaskan Crab.


Like I said, I am always looking for something new, new wine, new adventure, and this trip produced something for sure. This year I found something incredible! Something I have seen on TV, and knew about but never experienced, until now.

Zip Line !

As I took a right at the sign and entered the Highlife Adventures property, my heart was beating for sure. The first thing I noticed was people standing around with bright hardhats and harnesses on their bodies. The second thing I noticed getting out of my truck was a monster lake with a giant cable across it! I went into the office, signed a paper that said if I died, they weren’t responsible, met the others in my group and my two guides. For the next 3 hours we proceeded to experience clipping onto a cable and soaring through the air, sometimes 40-60 feet in the air, over water and trees. I was in luck because it was a beautiful sunny day in Northwest Oregon.


Built by Oregon loggers,run by loggers, on a loggers property, I have to say I was apprehensive for sure, but by the second of 8 cable zips, I was a pro. These guys explain everything and safety is their prime objective, besides having fun of course. All I can tell you is that now that I have done this here I am for sure zip lining in the rain-forests of Belize this August. If you ever have the opportunity to zip, you should, because you will have a ball. And let me say that in my group were guys, gals, young adults and matured adults. And everybody had a ball.

My group

My group


Till the next adventure,




See ya at the bottom. I hope?

See ya at the bottom. I hope?

OK..who's jumping off first?

OK..who’s jumping off first?

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