Busted! There I am, drinking at the bar again!

Who is that guy without a glass down there? ;-))

Who is that guy without a glass down there? ;-))

As a travel and wine writer, my destinations can involve wine events and various interesting facts and attractions in the area as well as restaurant reviews. Often my articles are just on the travel location with nothing to do with wine, although I have to admit, I can usually incorporate wine into them. Most often I take hundreds of photo’s for use with the article or future articles as the case arrives. My goal is to always include the human element in my articles, especially with photos to complement the article itself.

Stardate 2013, a text comes beeping into my handheld communicator, with a picture from one of those paper communicators called a magazine from years ago. Behold, theres a photo of a beverage tasting room, appears alcoholic along with energy consumption units, and holy pelicans! there I am at the consumption table, with my wife ordering a glass of dark red pleasure juice called Pinot Noir!

The publication is Discover Yamhill Valley, featuring Wine, Dine,Travel and Events in the Willamette Valley Wine Country. The piece was an article by an Oregon Wine Press writer, about how what to wear, how to taste, and general “rules” about visiting wineries in general. The publication itself is an excellent guide for the area, covering all events, where to go, what to see, and where to stay.

I’m kind of honored to have my photo in this publication because its an annual thing, even though my name isn’t mentioned, I know who I am. For my readers, I’m the only sipper without a glass, yet. As memory has it, that was taken care of in short order, and lasted quite a while.

To get your own copy of this most excellent guide, contact the McMinnville Oregon Chamber of Commerce, or call 800-472-1198

Cheers all,


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