When all you want to do is slap the crap out of someone!

Olivers First Car Show

Olivers First Car Show

There’s just something about old cars and trucks. Summertime brings out the 1000’s of old 1930’s-70’s models that the owners have painstakingly brought back to life, and in many cases created even better than original. For the past few weeks I have seen almost daily an old car or truck driving down the city streets of Roseburg, Oregon, as watchers fall off curbs and almost slam into each other.

Although I don’t own one of these beauties, I have often really thought about it. Problem is it takes time, money, patience and lots of abilities, all of which I just don’t have. Instead I am perfectly happy to be one of the gawkers, admiring what these guys and gals have created.

Oliver at Graffiti Days 2013

Oliver at Graffiti Days 2013

The 4th of July week brings hundreds of these oldsters out of garages and in to town from all over the country, to attend our “Show and Shine”, street rod parades and more at the annual “Graffiti Days”. In days gone buy, and sadly no more, I used to be downtown for the cruises, eating burgers and sipping cold beer, watching as these beauties cruised by. That was when all the Title Companies were located downtown on Main Street, and they all had parties for the occasion. Regretfully, they all have moved out of downtown, and are just no fun anymore.

So now the wife and I attend the Show and Shine in the park, which is just awesome. Food & beverages, trees for shade to keep you out of the 90 degree sun, and beautiful old cars and trucks everywhere.

Olivers First Beer..Stella

Olivers First Beer..Stella

This year was especially a pleasure, as I was finally able to take my new puppy Oliver out in public. He just turned 18 weeks, had his final shots, and now gets to go everywhere, with people and pets, even pee on the ground now! Awesome. There was one “glitch”, and that was the sigh entering the park that said “No Dogs”. Lucky for me, I have already registered Oliver for “Service /Therapy Dod” training, and he is now a “carded” Puppy in Training.

So there we are, sitting in a blanket with the little boy on his little leash, enjoying a cool beer, and here come the cops! I smile as they walk up, and they smile as they look at Oliver, and tell me he has to leave. Of course I say he is a registered service puppy, and they tell me that doesn’t matter. Here in the public city park, paid for by taxpayers, the only service dogs allowed are those with the blind, and with wheelchairs. As I voice my disappointment with this rule, and discuss with them the different kinds of Therapy / Service dogs and their purpose, they smile and agree, but say the rule is the rule.


And then they give me a little paper with the dog rule on it, tell me if anyone else says anything to me while there, to show them I have it and was talked to already. They then tell, us to enjoy the event with our puppy, but remember the rules next time, or wear dark glasses and bring a cane.

So off we go for a spectacular afternoon in the park. I guess it pays to smile and be friendly when all you want to do is slap the crap out of someone.

It also helps to have a really cute puppy.

Happy Summer to all


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