Visit the 5 Top Places in San Antonio

The Top Five “Free” places to visit in San Antonio, Texas

Hey! Who's that guy in the coonskin hat?

Hey! Who’s that guy in the coonskin hat?


San Antonio Texas is considered by many to be the ultimate vacation destination in the great state of Texas. San Antonio has that special old Southwest charm about it with entertainment options galore. Some well-known attractions destinations and parts of history like the Alamo, Riverwalk and Sea world can keep visitors very occupied, and many wishing they had more time. From the mariachis singing and strumming as they glide from place to place along the river walk, to the many festivals, which seem to run all year long your entertainment is guaranteed.

What we hope to do in this article is give you some ideas of the fantastic things to do in the town of San Antonio Texas that won’t cost you a dime. Once you choose your destination hotel, and if possible book it for a time when the rates are at their lowest, you can head out on your own for a well-deserved and low-cost vacation.


Money Saving Tip: You can save a bundle of cash getting sandwiches to go and having picnics.


Let’s start by taking a look at things you can do during the day because there’s no shortage of things to do in the evening, but more about that later. The first thing to do for free is a visit to the San Antonio Mission’s National Historic Park. Everyone knows or will learn on visiting San Antonio that this town has a very deep and long history, especially Spanish history. When you visit this historical Park you will be exploring centuries of its culture and history. There is no admission fee at any of the missions however there are donation stations which helped maintain these historic sites.

Riverwalk adventure

Riverwalk adventure


These five old and beautiful stone missions are the mission San Antonio day Valero which you’ll find is actually the well-known Alamo. Then there’s the mission concept she on, the Mission San Jose, the mission San Juan Capistrano and lastly the Mission San Francisco de la Espada. This is of course a driving tour because this San Antonio Mission Trail stretches along 9 miles of the San Antonio River and begins at historical site called the Alamo.

Because the Alamo is probably the most well known site and most visited site in San Antonio, and the fact that you might not even know much about the history we like to fill in a few things for you. Over 2 1/2 million people walk around the grounds and inside the Alamosa 4.2 acre complex. You can almost hear the event that occurred on April 21, 1836 when the heroic and courageous defenders of the Alamo fell to the Mexican army. Immortalized in time are some of the more famous names of those defenders, William B Travis, James Bowie, and of course David Crockett in his coon skin hat.

This is a great opportunity for you to pack a picnic lunch, and find a good place for the picnic at one of the missions. It will also save you some money by not eating in a restaurant.







Another exciting adventure is a visit to Fort Sam Houston Museum in San Antonio. The museum itself is located on the actual US Army post, which was built in 1845, and houses over 900 the stork structures including the Pershing house, the Eisenhower house, as well as the quadrangle. If you follow the history of the United States or have ever heard all the famous Indian chief Geronimo, the quadrangle is the structure that housed chief Geronimo during his incarceration.

Another fun place to visit and also get a little exercise and I’m possibly some great shopping is the King William Historic District. Located downtown San Antonio and covering 25 blocks this historic and distinguished part of town is located on the south bank of the San Antonio River. Most us of these historic buildings are from the 19th century and many have been turned into museums, cafés, art galleries and other shops. Back in the early 1800s this area was known as a part of town where the upper crust resided, mainly the wealthy German merchants.

For those vacationers traveling with Fido we have an excellent place for you to visit and spend a few hours with the family dog. The Phil Hardberger Park and dog park is located on the north side of San Antonio but still in the heart of the city this 300-acre plus park was once a large dairy farm and is now an urban ecology Center. Throughout the park you find restored native landscape as well as many century-old trees stabilized to retain their beauty. This is another place you can spend hours in fact prolong a picnic lunch because there are picnic tables throughout the park as well as water troughs for both large and small dogs and an 8 acre enclosed dog park.

Dine on the river

Dine on the river



Lastly let’s talk about one of the main attractions in San Antonio and that would be River Walk also known as Paseo Del Rio. The Riverwalk area along the San Antonio River is an excellent place to visit both day and night. The Riverwalk itself is located approximately 20 feet below the main street level up above with easy walking access from the Elmo. Just strolling along the river walk and watching the Riverboats motoring up and down the river, including River tour boats that you too can enjoy, makes for a fun time. During the day it’s an excellent place to stroll the many shops and maybe grab a bite to eat for lunch in one of the outdoor tables and cafés along the river. There’s nothing like being serenaded by mariachi bands and eating a delicious fish taco.

The River walk itself extends up to 13 miles and along the way there are many 18th-century Spanish buildings and museums that you can visit. But at night, downtown San Diego comes alive with music, entertainment and diners finding that one place that fits their needs as well as their budget. You can always find happy hour prices and save some money and just enjoy people watching on the river.

Take a “tip” from the pro’s and save some money on your hotel in San Antonio, by visiting when planning your trip.


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