“No shirt, no shoes, no problem man!”not in Belize.

Here’s a great “just released” eBook on vacationing or living in Belize.

My new book about moving to Belize, released 5/4/2015

My new book about moving to Belize, released 5/4/2015

Recently while relaxing on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee watching cable news you viewed a commercial on visiting Belize. Calm blue waters, luscious palm treed islands, resort homes with spectacular pools and so much more. You thought to yourself that looks like a great destination for my next vacation. I wonder if I should call the number and book my trip.

There are some things to consider before booking any visit to a “3rd world country” for vacation or if you’re looking to invest or plan your retirement.

What’s the climate like?

What area should I visit?

How safe is it?

How do I get around?

How much money should I bring and what’s the local currency?

And the list goes on and on, or at least it should because you earned the money for this trip, and you want it to be successful. Careful planning and research is key to vacationing or relocating to a different country. Knowing as much as you possibly can before you even book a flight is how smart people travel.

Now doesn't this look like a "No Bullshit Zone"?

Now doesn’t this look like a “No Bullshit Zone”?

Now there’s an eBook available that was just released in June 2015 with all the up to date information and recommendations you will need for a successful visit to the country of Belize, Central America. This book covers things like where are the best resorts located for families, for adults or retired couples looking to retire. Where are the best beaches, restaurants and nightclubs? Should I plan to look into renting a house or should I stay in a resort. Are different areas better for party animals, and some for quiet relaxation?

The exciting thing about Belize is that it is still pretty much the best-kept secret as far as super vacation destinations, for now. The advertising has definitely increased over the past year or two, and now there are two cruise lines building ports on islands there for cruises. You may have seen on Facebook, reports and advertisements about Southwest Airlines and American Airlines adding flights at discount rates to Belize later this year. Those airlines have read the tealeaves and know what’s happening. More tourists are coming for sure.

And of course, there’s Leo DiCaprio building his new “Eco-friendly” resort on an island he bought off the coast of Ambergris Caye.

Keep in mind that Belize is a very small country, with a population in the neighborhood of 350,000. It does have some great vacation destinations, on the mainland, as well as two of its islands, Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. Ambergris is by far the most popular and well known as a Belize destination. After all, the islands coastline is packed with waterfront resorts. Well, when we say packed, it’s not what you think. Most resorts are really spread out, and you are pretty much guaranteed privacy at your resort. Ambergris is also the party island, because lets face it, it has the most and the best bars. During the busy season it’s standing room only in most of these places, with live music, great food, and tanned vacationers everywhere.


And the dress code day and night is bathing suits and bare foot! On this island, as well as most of Belize, “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” is the way of life.

The other popular island a half an hour by boat or water taxi is Caye Caulker, which really has been lost in time since the 60’s. It’s the most laid-back beach environment one can imagine. No cars walk everywhere, eat lobster ceviche, drink rum punches and lay on the boardwalk. Caye Caulker is famously popular with the European young crowds who flock here during the high season, between December and May each year.

The other location getting a great deal of attention is mainland south, Placencia, a peninsula with some of the best Belize beaches on its tip. There’s lot’s of growth, and a small island off its coast being developed as a cruise port of call.

This is just a preview of what’s in the eBook, Belize, is it your Final Destination?

It’s downloadable and readable on all readers, iBook’s, Kindle, iPad, iPhone and all smart phones. And best of all, it’s offered at only the price of a late, $3.99.

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