Building our new home in Belize, the Saga Continues

                               OMG…from up here I can see Cuba!


My last post the guys were laying rebar steel, a lot of it, crisscrossed on the top floor of the house, in preparation of pouring the concrete floor. They also installed all water, electric and gas PVC tubes thru the floor area before the concrete is poured, so it comes up inside walls.


         Pumper and cement truck show up this morning!

The arrival of the concrete pumper tower truck is a welcome sight because my dreams are being answered to finally have a floor that I can walk around up there, to see what views I will have when the house is completed.


Watching them pour concrete floor from my neighbors, Pat and Wendy’s pool 😉

These guys work really, really, really hard during the concrete pouring stage. Just hauling that monster hose that the concrete shoots out of is hard work. Add to that the guys raking and smoothing all that concrete, in 80 degrees F. hot sun!


       Pouring and raking/leveling concrete in the hot sun.

That’s a crew of eight guys on this, and everyone is a hard worker! That’s for sure gets high marks for my builder/contractor, Nelson Montalvo.


    Standing on the new poured floor, looking back at the cabana and sunset.

After they completed the pour, the next day the crew started pouring the bases for the front steps and removing some of the poles supporting the structure. Looking forward to having those gone, so I can see what I can see under the house?


Starting the structure for the concrete steps up to the front deck.


End of the day, floor is done, waiting on wood and tile 😉


         It’s going to be quite a view, and wait, isn’t that CUBA ???


For those of you that have not yet been to Placencia, my “in-town” office 😉


Not sure exactly what the next phase will be, but rest assured, you’ll all be the first to know. Remember, if you don’t have the answer yet…you have not drunk enough rum!

Gary …the Pirate








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