Building Our New Beach Home in Belize, the story continues.

                         Lots of progress on the ground and in the air.


I am really blown away by the diversity of my builder’s crew, as I watch them in this building process. They don’t work on just one thing, but move around the build, working on whatever needs to get done today, or this week. And like I said before, these guys are like the seven dwarfs, they actually do whistle while they work.


Forms for front stairs built and poured.

The front/roadside concrete steps and landing to front deck have now been completed via another amazing feat by building forms, rebar cages to keep it all strong. I can certainly appreciate being able to walk up the 12-foot stairs up to the main floor. I can assure you, the crew also appreciates the front stairs instead of climbing and carrying everything heavy, up homemade ladders!


Note what floor looks like here 😉

While that was going on underneath the main floor some 12 feet below, loads of beach sand were brought in and spread over the floorspace in preparation of building the ground level storage/security concrete room under the house. Truckload after truckload arrived and was dumped in the driveway, they moved via caterpillar.


Cinderblocks arrive for underneath concrete room.


Once that was done, the guys started constructing the storage room with cinderblocks. I’m sure that they might have fought over who got that job, because it’s under the main floor, and quite a bit cooler down there. Once all the walls are completed and floor poured with concrete, all it will need are the 2 security doors. Then I actually will have a secure storage room. Can’t wait!


See what I meant? flooring has been covered.

But probably the most exciting part of the build so far is happening up topside on the main floor. First I looked out the Cabana window and say a wall going up! Yahoo! Then a second wall went up and a third. I was actually able to see the floorplan start to take shape, and my face was all smile!


My honey Marsha blessed me with a ten-day visit. Standing on her new deck, actually in the “barbecue/cook center”. Crappy view, isn’t it?

Next, the front covered deck support uprights went up and I could walk around and actually get a feel of just how massive our 42-foot deck overlooking the Caribbean was.

Note to self and my readers…always check footage and size of rooms inside and decks outside, especially before pouring concrete. My deck according to the plans, was to be three feet deeper! That was a screw-up of my first “builder”, who obviously did not measure himself before they poured. Luckily, the deck is depth is fine, and I am not losing sleep over it. However, he also screwed up the deck size of a good friends house he is building, and that situation is not going well at all.

This is where I plan to live, with my wife, my cook center, outside suspension swinging bed, overlooking our pier and custom-built boat. Am I excited? Yes! Am I a lucky boy? Yes!

oliverlooking down

Oliver looking for the stairs to the ocean 😉

Finally, I looked out this morning and it looked like the guys were putting up a circus tent frame that peaked in the middle of the house. The fact is, its basically scaffolding for the guys to walk on while building the roof structure. And yes, these guys walk around up there on top of the wall structure like circus performers or tight walk walkers! And, let me tell you, the ocean winds have really kicked up, and the windsurfers are loving it! Not sure if the guys are.


View of house from the roadside.

And so another chapter ends, and another page turns to a new one.

I end this blog post with a heavy heart because my sweetheart’s ten days here are over and she flew out yesterday. As I start my two-month countdown until her return, I can only smile as my memories of her excitement at what has been accomplished were absorbed by her eyes and heart this time. What will be here for her to experience on her return, one can only wonder and hope. I expect at least a roof and walls,

and possibly a chilled bottle of French Champagne, a rose and 2 flutes?


I decided to go fishing! What a catch! Actually, we were the first purchase at this new art studio that just opened this weekend on the Placencia Sidewalk. Really cool place, story, and art.


Cheers all from your Belizean Pirate, Gary




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