Building our new house in Belize, and all the Good, Bad and yes Ugly things!

                               OMG ! It actually looks like a house!


                                             The “bones” of the house.


I have really started getting excited about the framing of outer walls and roof rafters going up these past couple weeks. Getting to see the outer shell skeleton has helped me visualize whats to come.IMG_7314

                         Painted tongue and groove ceiling going up.

And then the tongue in groove panels showed up on a delivery truck, and the guys started paining them white on the finished side. These will be screwed in place above the  large exposed wood beams of the ceiling, white side down. As the guys started laying them in place, almost at the same time, they started installing plywood to the outer walls.


                                              Close up after timbers are stained.

After installing the roof panels, they will then lay insulation followed by the white metal roofing, and there you have it, a finished roof to keep everything dry. The plywood walls will be wrapped in Tyvac wrap, followed by a wood exterior, and stained to match the Pirates Cabana.


                      OMG ! Walls! Plywood side panels being installed.

All the time the crew are installing roofing and wall board, another crew starts defining the interior walls, and staining the ceiling timbers.


               Electrical and plumbing going in bathroom for 2 sinks.

And then one day the electricians show up, and it’s “spaghetti Time” in the Pirates Lair.  It’s quite unbelievable what is actually behind those walls in your homes. I love the fact that I can trace every line, circuit throughout the house and onto the deck. I am documenting photo’s along the way, of all electric lines and plumbing, in case I need to find issues later.


       First time I have seen scaffolding! This is for the painter, lucky boy!

As the electricians wire everything, from lights, receptacles and ceiling fans, they keep checking with me to see if I want or need any additions, something that won’t happen if you are not here. I in fact have asked for extra specific placements not on plans, for outside security lights and other special projects we can talk about in private someday?


             The bags of insulation, like 80 lb.. handed up by one guy!

Then, while the roofers, electricians, painters are all busy with separate projects, the plumbers show up and start running pipe for the sinks, potties, outdoor shower, and Marsha’s laundry/utility room. Note, I call it Marsha’s, but in fact I do laundry, when I have to :).


                       Metal roofing going up over the insulation.

Still amazes me how these guys can stand on rickety timbers, lifting heavy bags of insulation up to roof while 12 feet in the air! And then there are the large metal roofing pieces. Thank god there is no wind today, or they wold become “Steel Kite Flyers”!


Cement delivery for concrete storage room.

And then a couple days ago as I am relaxing in the Cabana with Oliver, enjoying a rum and fresh watermelon juice, I hear a large truck backing into the driveway. I check it out, and here is a cement truck.


                                                     Self explanatory!

I watch as the guys start pouring directly from the truck, down a single shoot, into wheelbarrows, as they wheel and dump into our concrete storage/security room under house.


               We now have a concrete floor in the room below.

Now with added issues is beachfront security in a “3 rd world country, it became evident that I needed to create more of a secure environment for Marsha, the pups and of course our guests. Many others that have built homes on the Caribbean, and those building, have fences on the road side and gates. After discussing with Marsha, we decided I would build a fence, not a solid obtrusive fence, but a friendly and tasteful woof fence.


                                                Beginning of our fence.

After the house is complete, we will be adding a 16 foot electronic fancy metal gate.


                                  Roof completed, ist layer of siding gone.

And thats my story, and I’m sticking to it.


Cheers all,

The Pirate, Gary.






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