Building Our New Home in, the Good, Bad and yes, Horrid that can and will happen.

A new “deadline” in set for “move in day”, at end of January 2018…Place your bets !

house sideview

A side vie of house taken by our neighbor and friend, Jessica, notice beach sand spread !

When we last “spoke” there were more delays, doors and windows were installed that were incorrect, and virtually we were at a stand still on our build. During the holidays my crew was shut down for two weeks for the holidays by my builder Kevin Brodsky. I totally agree that everyone should have the opportunity to take time off with family and friends during the Christmas Holiday, and include over New Years for some.


During the holidays we started getting visits by a local celebrity šŸ˜‰


The crew on my job site since day one, and the ones who have build our house, work for a local private Belize contractor, who is working on many projects. I found out after the shut down, that my guys here actually choose to work through the two week holiday on another job site. I say this to bring into light the work ethic of local Belizean builders and their crews. These construction workers work hard, long hours, on my job site, they work ten days on and four off. They and their families are used to being apart for long periods of time, because these guys live to provide for their families. Sure, there are Belize holidays that they do take off, but usually no more than a couple days.

We obviously are “Not in Kansas Anymore”!


So after the “holiday shutdown”, my guys were back to work on my building site, and taking over where they left off. One of the first things needing to be done, was to continue spreading the “lagoon sand” piles left on our property, spreading over our beach.


Oh boy ! Our specialty ceiling fans being delivered !

As we found out that finally our special weatherproof ceiling fans from Minka that had arrived a month earlier in Belize City, would be delivered and installed this week. Our electrician Freddie was due to the house to finish installing switches, and the fans. He also was going to finish and prepare for the company in Belmopan that we purchased our “Whole House” generator, to install it.


Freddie our electrician installed the new “moisture guard” Minka ceiling fans.

One interesting fact at this point, is that although we have had all utilities to the Ā pedestal and Cabana the underground lines had never been run to the house, which was completely wired already.We were now at the point that this needed to get done to finish installs and testings.


Freddie also installed the pendant lights in front of kitchen windows. Another reason windows are wrong, and need to be replaced, we can’t open windows, because they would break the lights šŸ˜‰

And then there were utility trenches.


Trench to run electric cable…whenever it finally arrives ?

Freddie the electrician and his helper spent two days installing fans, running the water lines, and other fun stuff.

And then there was a major excitement day for me…my crew started building my barbecue center on the deck.


Outdoor barbecue center is coming along fine, awaiting arrival of my two smokers, grill and “adult beverageĀ refrigerator” šŸ˜‰

The weekend is here, and the heavy electric cable that was supposed to be delivered last week to hook up electric from pedestal to house, on a Benny’s truck, never showed up. So Ā we appear to be back to “it’s coming this Tuesday”, and hopefully they mean in two days?

When they do we can have the installers set up and install the generator.

Kevin our builder also told us all our sinks, faucets, and various plumbing supplies will arrive early this coming week, as well as all our appliances on separate truck, from Bennies in Belize City.

As I write our cabinet maker is on the way with our cabinets for kitchen and bathroom, so plumbing and granite counters can be installed next week.


My cabinet builder Conrad’s guys arrived just now with Kitchen cabinets. Yipppppee!

As we enter what should be the final stretch, and everything is coming together, it is fair to say that we are thrilled with the workmanship on our new house. The crew are very conscientious, detail orientated, skilled and hard working. Our house is beautiful, and we have daily complements by both locals as well as vacationers to the area. Although there seemed to be many “bumps” in the “building road”, some large some small, and some still happening, we know the end result will be awesome.


If all the planet aligns, lady luck looks favorably on us, and I step in a steamy lucky pile on the beach, all this will be accomplished, and we can move in by Feb. 1st, 2018.

Stay tuned for the update.

The Pirate…..Gary


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