Building Your New Home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly

      The Story Ends, but Yours is Just Beginning

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Hello All, 

I am sure from the emails and txt’s I have received the past few months, that I have many readers awaiting the release of my new book, Building your NEW HOME IN BELIZE, the Good, Bad and Ugly.

I really wanted to wait until the entire house was completely finished, however, it is now about two years into it and the final obstacle is still not complete. You know what I am going to say, the frickin 6-panel folding kitchen “pass thru” window still not installed.


Another double lot available on the Caribbean Sea

As you know, the incorrect window was installed by my first “builder” and was finally ordered my actual excellent builder Nelson Montalvo here in Maya Beach. Regretfully, the company he ordered the correct one from in Honduras, we found out went bankrupt! Supposedly the window is built and they were awaiting shipment of the specialty tracking and hinges.

Well, that’s been many months waiting, and the frustration level has peaked from frustration to just plain anger.  At this point, I am just accepting the fact that the large kitchen window will never open.

Did I ever advise you to select your “builder” very carefully? Wasting 8K on an incorrect order like this window can add up to a bunch of funds wasted if he’s an asshat? Not to mention frustration, disgust and yes, hate.

So, that being said, what a perfect last chapter for the book,

Ending the building of our house with UGLY!

The book is almost finished compilation, will go through multiple edits, and then a final edit by my Editor/friend at Central America Living Magazine in Costa Rica.

And then when its all completed and ready to go, it will be released on Amazon as a paperback and eBook, along with many online bookstores. This will take a couple months, so hold on.

And you will be the first to know, so stay tuned.

Gary….The Pirate



Lots directly on the Caribbean Sea on the Placencia Peninsula are still available for under 250K. Contact for info, and to start building your dream.


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