Maya Beach, Belize….The New “Top Destination”

Known for it’s beautiful beaches, handful of small resorts and restaurants, and the feel of a quiet safe community, Maya Beach has morphed into a key destination in Belize for not only tourists but Expats as well.

Over the past six years, we have witnessed an expansion of new home construction, purchase and remodeling of houses, new restaurants, and resorts building cabanas and “time share” units, especially on the beaches.

Ceiba Beach Residences and Restaurant

What makes Maya Beach unique, is you can walk or bike to all six restaurants located right on the main road, most beachfront. The beachfront “Cabana Resorts” all enjoy awesome restaurant / bar and pool options, plus the added bonus of white sandy beaches, and super snorkeling. None of them charge “usage fee’s”, and you can enjoy their pools and beaches for free, they just ask that you use their bar/restaurants.

In the past two years we have had multiple stores open here, including Healthy Addictions with all health products and more, a deli, bakery, and “The Farm Store”, offering fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, wines, prepared foods and much more.

Add to that a car rental and golf cart rental businesses, Hardware store and main Grocery Store ( Sue’s Store), and Maya Beach becomes totally self sufficient for visitors and Expats.

The “Morphing” of Maya Beach into a “full-service” community not only benefits its residents and visitors, it also benefits those living and vacationing in North County Caribbean way and Plantation. No longer do they have to travel into Placencia Village for services or restaurants, which cuts quite a bit of travel time and “gas money” from their budget.

In fact, with the opening last year of the UNO Gas Station right in Seign Bight next to the Publics Store, we no longer have to drive to the village for that.

Most “For Sale” signs have been replaced with “Sold” signs in Maya Beach and North

All these things, along with the changes of North America as well as other countries, has affected the Real Estate market here as well, which is reflected in the extensive growth in Maya Beach and North County. Where the complaints of “all those for sale signs” have disappeared as “under contract” and “sold” signs have replaced the majority of them. Almost every trip up the peninsula you will discover another lot cleared and filled and home construction starting. In fact, at this time there are over forty new homes in construction in the north peninsula, and more starting soon.

So “why the growth” you might ask ? The fact is only a couple years ago most homes were being built by expats to spend a few weeks a year vacationing, and rent the rest of the year. However, that trend has also changed, as more buyers are building to move full time, selling their homes in the states, Canada or elsewhere. Also, there are many more families with small children moving here as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons many more tourists and expats have put Maya Beach in their targets.

Starting with the Maya Beach Bistro, a long standing and pretty famous ( Trip Advisor #1 Restaurant for many years) located at the Northern tip of Maya Beach. Located on the beach with a dock and beachfront Cabanas. An awesome place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, well known for cinnamon buns and their “Happy Hour”.

“Rum Bum” is one of our newer small restaurants, offering some of the best “broasted chicken” this side of heaven, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ceiba Beach Vacation Rentals and Homes, offers it’s newest and exciting restaurant, “Mickey’s Fish Shop, Market and Grill. This is our newest and long anticipated beachfront restaurant opening in the Maya Beach Center, with sunken restaurant dining at the pool bar, as well as in water seating in their beachfront pool for cocktails and food. Seating and service on their well groomed beach offers guests and visitors extensive dining venue. Best part, you don’t have to be staying there to use the pool, just order a drink and or pool and relax with “No Worries”.

Green Parrot is known for having “scallywag Pirates” frequent for Rum !

Next we have the Green Parrot Cabana Resort and Pelican Pub, a local favorite. This resort was totally remodeled and upgraded to “luxury cabana’s with A/C”, and all beachfront. There’s a pool and dock with bar service as well. The Pelican Pub offers an array of dining options, from designer burgers to fresh seafood and pizza. You can also use the facilities for free with a drink or food purchase.

A favorite “Gathering Place” here in Maya Beach is Jaguar Lanes Bowling Alley, featuring indoor air conditioned bowling as well as restaurant services. Outside seating is quite extensive and also offers a pool table and foosball. This is not your average bowling alley, and the bar service is legendary, and the food very fast and high quality. Looking for some of the best wings ?, pizza, burgers, fajitas or salads, this is the place. It’s also a great place for Mom and Dad to bring the youngsters for some inside fun in a cool environment.

Lastly but not the least is Singing Sands Cabana Resort with their excellent beachfront restaurant, Azul Del mar. This restaurant just has that “Belizean / Caribbean” feel to it, and is perfect for that “Romantic Experience” in dining. Their menu is Asian Fusion, Korean, Seafood, offering apps like dumplings with are just to die for. The guys at the bar will take good care of you, and the sea and sound of gently waves will do the rest. You don’t have to be a guest to use the pool and beach facilities, just order a Belkin or Rum Punch, and enjoy a beach chair or dip in the pool.

So as you can see, Maya Beach has become a destination in itself where people only thought of Placencia Village as the only destination on our peninsula. Of course, the village has its charm, the “Sidewalk”, the Pier, some great restaurants, just keep in mind, it’s only 20 minutes away from Maya Beach. You are only a 30 minute drive from waterfalls, zip lines and off road adventures from here. Also, fishing and snorkeling guide/boats will pick you up from a dock here in Maya Beach.

With all these other communities getting their “NAME” on their beaches and communities, I think it is time to see a “MAYA BEACH” concrete decorated sign on Maya Beach sand, don’t you ?

When you’re looking for a Vacation Destination in Belize, not in the “hub bub” of “touristy destinations”, like San Pedro, but close enough to visit them if and when you want, you might consider Maya Beach. After all, it’s called “Maya Beach” for a reason, just like “Miami Beach” 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the article, until next time,


Gary…..The Pirate of Maya Beach.

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