30 Days, 7 Countries, 80 Pubs, My Europe Vacation-Dublin, Ireland

The adventure will start in Dublin, Ireland. I was thinking I could do a post on each country, but not a chance, too much to talk about, too much territory and destinations to cover. So here we go.


Boarding our British Airways flight in Miami bound for Ireland jumpstarted my excitement for what was ahead. My wife did an excellent job getting us upgraded on the flight, awesome roomy seats, and super services. The flight we were on was direct to London, England for a plane change to Dublin, Ireland International Airport. We would arrive in London at 6:40 AM in the AM, and connecting “hopper” would get us into Dublin at 9:50 Am, giving us a day to rest and “bar hop”.


                                               Dreaming of Irish Beers

Helpful hint: “Both England and Ireland use the Pound Sterling as currency. We hit a currency exchange booth at the London Airport so when we arrived in Ireland we would be prepared.


  One of the first pubs we checked out after our Game of Thrones Tour

I will tell you for a cross Atlantic flight to Europe, or any long flight, upgrading to 1st or business class is highly advisable. You may get a bit shocked by the price increase, but if you factor in getting free extra luggage for it, it is well worth it. Also, having additional leg room, reclining seats, internet and movies, no-cost food and beverages (yes, booze too), why not?


Wife Marsha enjoying a fine Irish Ale.

Although we had plans and reservations for our week in Ireland, and other countries in Europe, my thoughts keep roaming to two specific pleasures ahead on this leg of the trip. Guinness Stout and Pig Knuckles. After three years of drinking the only real beer available here in Belize, Belikin, I was mentally salivating for the taste of a freshly poured Guinness. I also knew that there would be so many other beers available in Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany, and happy to have extra holes in my belt!


Can you say another pub in Ireland?

You might be asking yourself, “what’s with the pig knuckles”? Last time I was in Munich I ate dinner at an excellent restaurant, and it wasn’t until on my way out I saw the “knuckles” in the window. More on that in my Munich post.


The Pirate King has his Throne and Pirate Queen

I had made our arrangements for Dublin in the epicenter of everything happening, Temple Bar, at where else but the Temple Bar Apartments, just across from Cow’s Lane :).  This location put us within walking distance of not only great dining but all the best and famous pubs.


So lucky this “Road Show” movie sets was in Belfast while we were there.

The next day we had booked two seats on the famous “Game of Thrones and Giants Causeway Tour” with Viator. If you have not watched this TV series, you are definitely a minority. The tour departed at 6:30 AM, and was a whole day adventure, and well worth the cost. As wife Marsha booked this tour, and there are choices, I had asked for one that didn’t make you dress up in silly “period” clothes and carry wooden swords for photos. Believe me, there are not only those but tours we saw that did that and put you on draft horses for photographs.


Marsha with the “Ara’s Needle Sword” from the series.

Our Game of Thrones Tour was awesome, taking us to sites we recognized from the series, and explaining how the scenes were filmed and how. We also toured the Giants Causeway, which I have to admit was not so much interesting to me, as it was a rocky shoreline, with massive cliffs, much like the shoreline of Oregon where I came from. That being said, it was impressive.


Giants Causeway….get my point?

The best part of the experience in my mind was the Game of Thrones Exhibition luckily on display in Belfast.  It’s located in a mega portable building, and houses all the props used to film the series. From outfits of the characters to weapons, and even the model dragons and “Thrones” used in the series. You can easily spend two hours engulfed in GOT history, reliving moments and even get photographs with actual film props used in the production.


The next day was the big checkmark on my “world bucket-list”, our Guinness Storehouse Experience.


One almost down, one full to go 🙂

I had made an appointment for our tour and tasting experience, which included a lesson in how to properly pour a tankard of Guinness Stout, perfectly. From the time we entered the historic building, till pouring that nectar of the gods, it took about an hour or so. There are six stories to this building, and we choose the stairs each floor, however, there are elevators. The ground floor has the store and ingredient information, 1st-floor brewing tanks exposition and a cafè. The 2nd floor is the general tasting room where you can do a tasting, but not pouring experience. The 3rd floor is basically all advertising and general information.


Marsha at “school” with “teacher” watching like a hawk!

That brings us to in my “heaven”, or the Guinness Acadamy Connoisseur Experience” as they call it. Here we enter a private room where there are four “pouring stations”, each with a group of about six students. Your “teacher” explains how he or she will be pouring the brew, and why it is so important to pour correctly. She (in my case) then teaches you how to pour a “perfect pint”, which has an exact official time to pour of 119.5 seconds, exactly. Then it is the students turn to pour a pint correctly, while she watches, and trust me, these people are picky.


  I graduated 😉


After you have poured your “perfect pint of gold”, you receive your certificate of completion and proceed to a table to enjoy that honorable pour. As lady luck would have it, our teacher asked Marsha if she would like the extra point that she had poured as an example. As I am blessed, my wife told her that I would so much more enjoy it than her, and I was rewarded the 2nd pint. Oh, the love of a good woman, for sure.


Marsha in front of one of the dozens of ancient castles we toured in Europe.

As far as getting to know the area’s and sites around greater Dublin, and of course all the good pubs, we used the “Hop-on-Hop-Off Busses”. Most of the major tourist locations have these, and our first experience was in Dublin. They run all day long into the early evening and have many stopping points at attractions. If the weather is good, sitting in the upper level of the “double-decker”, gives you a better vantage point. The nice thing is, if you get to an area you want to explore, you can “jump off” and get on another, which usually make stops every 15 minutes or so.


The Irish Riverdance Experience, quite a show, and super haunting songs.

On our last evening, Marsha had purchased us tickets for a “Riverdance Show”, which I have to admit, I wasn’t all that excited about, but after all, it wasn’t just my vacation. We boarded a small transport bus and were taken to an amazing location for this performance, a combination golf course, and horse racing track. The performance lasted about a couple hours and was comprised of world renown dancers, as well as excellent instrumentals. My most favorite part was a musician who played the “Irish Whistle”, a very simple and old musical instrument I had never experienced. It produces a haunting sound, and I immediately recognized the sound as being used in various popular modern music, especially movies.


Bought one of these whistles and book for my grandson Fisher 🙂


All in all, we totally enjoyed our stay in Dublin, visiting and sipping in many pubs, meeting so many local’s, enjoying so many traditional Irish dishes. The traditional Irish breakfast is such a filling treat, eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, and sometimes french fries. Our favorite breakfast place was the Stagedoor Cafè. Then there’s bacon and cabbage, and of course, Irish Stew which I enjoyed many times in many pubs.

I don’t believe there was one pub that didn’t have live Irish music in the late afternoon/evening. Pubs are always crowded, and finding a seat at a table or bar can be a bit frustrating, but I never felt like an “outsider”. Many times we were invited to sit at a locals table, or staff went out of their way to find us a table. This was not just in Dublin, but throughout South Western Ireland over the next few days, but you will hear more about that in the next blog about our experiences driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road!


One of the many Irish musicians playing in pubs.

So that’s it for Dublin, Ireland, and there was still so much more to talk about. Only on the first blog post, and already I’m thinking “book”?

Stay tuned for the next chapter, about renting a car, sitting on the wrong side of the car, driving on the wrong side of the street, all over southwestern Ireland. We will visit Killarney, Cork and other special destinations.

Until then, May your thirst be a great one, and your pour a quenching experience,






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30 days, 7 Countries, 80 Pubs, My Vacation

Buenos Dios All,

It is finally time to change course in my travel blog, from my adventures of building a new home in Belize, back to traveling the world. Finally, our house is completed, and my 3rd book about Belize, “Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly, is in processing for release.

Finally, the time has come when I can actually leave my home because there are no contractors or workers doing shit, finally!

Please check out the photo’s I include various countries and experiences. They are there to give a small “taste” of the blog posts ahead.

And so it begins. Wife Marsha worked hard on our itinerary, this is the cover page below.


         Our 30-day Itinerary for Europe, June 2019 

My wife Marsha and I have been planning our European vacation for the past six months or more, for a 30 day trip across Europe. She made all the travel plans, flights, trains, bus tours, and hotels, and I made all the Air BnB reservations, wine excursions, dinner reservations, etc. Some will say that the most exciting part of a vacation is in planning. I say the most exciting part is the doing, and the successful ending, and not running out of money!


          Train Station, Milan Italy, we had just exited this “Bullet Train”

I will be taking you on a wild ride, not by country, but by city/town/village location. The experiences we had in every country add up to a wealth of knowledge that I want to pass on to you. Our successes and some “fails” with hotels and Air BnB choices, will offer you the experience you can only get from being there. For instance, when a listing says an apartment is a short 10-minute walk from a train station or only four flights of stairs. But, it provides a top floor balcony with stunning views.


The Famous Rialto Bridge, Venice Italy, the city I call, “Stairstepper Heaven”?

What they don’t tell you, is that 10-minute walk, carrying all your bags in 90-degree heat, up and down stairs to 5 bridges over canals will kill you. Add to that your iPhone GPS won’t pick up satellites because the pathways are 3 ft wide and five stories high, so you are lost. When you get to the apartment building, and maybe are met by someone, the stairways are dark, narrow, and hot. Climb four flights of stairs, carrying 100 lbs of luggage in 90-degree heat, and tell me you want to climb another fifteen steps to a rooftop view, in the sun.


Everyone should know the story of David (statue by Michelangelo), who killed the giant with slingshot and stone. Like they say, “it took big ones” 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, these were minute issues of a fantastic 30 days in heaven, but trust me, no trip is perfect, especially to Europe.


The “Ladies” on South Beach Miami, Florida

So, we were off leaving on a hopper flight from Placencia, Belize to Belize City, to catch our flight to Miami Beach, Florida. We would spend the afternoon and night there, then catch out British Airways Flight to London, then on to our first destination, Dublin Ireland.


A Pirate Size Margarita on South Beach, Miami, my first “Pub” on the crawl 🙂

I’m not going to talk much about my Belize flights, other than I love the new Belikin Beer bar in Goldson Airport in Belize City. In one happy word, draft!

The flight to Miami is about two hours on American Airlines, and with our upgraded seats, my legs didn’t cramp or fall off. The booze service was quite nice, and the time passed rather quickly as my wife and I giggled over what was to come.


Wife Marsha and I at a private Champagne Tasting, in Champagne Region, France

Arriving at Miami International was a not so bad experience, quickly moving through customs and grabbing a cab to Miami South Beach. Yep! That’s right, our hotel was on South Beach Miami, the “sin city” of Florida. I hadn’t been here for over twenty years or more and was anxious to see the changes. It wasn’t long before I got an eye full of flesh, prompting the question, “did these ladies forget to get dressed this morning”? And, the term “junk in the trunk, under a see-thru dress” constantly passed through my mind.


Everyone should recognize this, but wait till you hear where our BNB was located.

I started my trip with my first “pub” right on South Beach, a super Cuban Cafè on the boardwalk.  What else would a Pirate order than a mega size Margarita and a Corona sticking in it upside down?

In the morning, like early, I boarded my British Airways Flight to London, not my final destination, just to change planes to Dublin, my first actual European destination.


Nothing quite like a 10 PM Romantic Cruise on a gondola in Venice, Italy

My blogs will continue from the next one about Dublin to all the cities in Ireland I visited. Then they will proceed on to Scotland, England, France, Germany, and then Italy. On the journey, I will experience with you, Temple Bar of Dublin, as well as the Guinness Factory. Onward on the journey, you will join me on a Game of Thrones Tour, Outlander Tour in Scotland, a stay at the Waldorf Historia in London, a private tour of Stonehedge, the Pouve in Paris, private tour and tasting at Dom Perignon in Champagne. These are just some of the experiences, and I have not even touched a week in Italy, or festival in Munich.


Tasting awesome wines in Monticello, Italy, with my “little tasting glass”

So, hand on to your seats, “like” this blog to get the upcoming blogs, and learn what it’s like to do Europe in 30 Days, and then there are the 80 pubs on a mighty crawl.


Gary (The Pirate)




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Building Your New Home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly

      The Story Ends, but Yours is Just Beginning

jpeg for blog6x9_BW_400 Gary print cover Belize       



Hello All, 

I am sure from the emails and txt’s I have received the past few months, that I have many readers awaiting the release of my new book, Building your NEW HOME IN BELIZE, the Good, Bad and Ugly.

I really wanted to wait until the entire house was completely finished, however, it is now about two years into it and the final obstacle is still not complete. You know what I am going to say, the frickin 6-panel folding kitchen “pass thru” window still not installed.


Another double lot available on the Caribbean Sea

As you know, the incorrect window was installed by my first “builder” and was finally ordered my actual excellent builder Nelson Montalvo here in Maya Beach. Regretfully, the company he ordered the correct one from in Honduras, we found out went bankrupt! Supposedly the window is built and they were awaiting shipment of the specialty tracking and hinges.

Well, that’s been many months waiting, and the frustration level has peaked from frustration to just plain anger.  At this point, I am just accepting the fact that the large kitchen window will never open.

Did I ever advise you to select your “builder” very carefully? Wasting 8K on an incorrect order like this window can add up to a bunch of funds wasted if he’s an asshat? Not to mention frustration, disgust and yes, hate.

So, that being said, what a perfect last chapter for the book,

Ending the building of our house with UGLY!

The book is almost finished compilation, will go through multiple edits, and then a final edit by my Editor/friend at Central America Living Magazine in Costa Rica.

And then when its all completed and ready to go, it will be released on Amazon as a paperback and eBook, along with many online bookstores. This will take a couple months, so hold on.

And you will be the first to know, so stay tuned.

Gary….The Pirate



Lots directly on the Caribbean Sea on the Placencia Peninsula are still available for under 250K. Contact Marsha@1stchoice.com for info, and to start building your dream.


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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly

via Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly

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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly

jpeg for blog6x9_BW_400 Gary print cover Belize

Front and Back Cover of my new book, designed by Nada.

It’s very exciting being this close to publishing my 3rd book about life in Belize, Central America. This latest book with plans for the “book launch” end of this month is taking some interesting turns, but I am hopeful that It will still launch on time.

For the first time, I actually hired a super Graphic Designer to produce my book cover, both front, and back. I am so very pleased with Nada and will be giving her credit in the hardcover book.

As you might already know, this book enjoys the same name as this blog and is based on this blog’s posts. Of course, there will be a great deal of extra stuff in it, how to locate your best land and house deals here in Belize, contacts for just about everything, where to find stuff and more. As you might suspect, I am also including a chapter just on the builders I would suggest you contact, their history, references and contact info. That is probably the biggest plus or minus of your building experience. Most homes built here go thru at least a couple contractor builders to actually complete or repair your home.

One of my challenges is the conversion of all my WordPress blog posts with tons of photo’s to the correct format used in print books and eBooks. Regretfully, I am at the mercy of the companies I am using for these processes, as well as my editor and publisher.

However, I just wanted to give you all an update on the release, and let you know it is really coming soon, to bookstores in hard copy, Amazon in hardcore as well as an eBook.



Gary…..The Pirate




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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can happen.


Pyrates Paradise Paella on my Vision Grill, overlooking the Caribbean, for an evening with good friends.

As things come to an end here at Pyrates Paradise with our home build, I can honestly say I would do it all over again, knowing what I learned of course. Little things like finishing patches on outside walls, correcting some drainage issues we have discovered during heavy rains, and adding some additional electric boxes are some.


Paella finishing touches, chicken, sausage, shrimp and of course, spiny lobster.


Of the multiple design flaws we encountered, the un-needed kitchen window, the wrong height roofline over the outdoor shower, there was another major mistake. If you build a home in Belize, or anywhere that experiences major rains, make sure your home design, especially over your outdoor decks, includes an overhang.


Note the roofline isn’t extended over the deck. See added gutter installed underfloor edge.

The outside deck on our outdoor shower side isn’t covered by the roof, thus massive rain and water not contained and removed by the rooftop gutter system. We recently had to hire a contractor to install gutters on the outside edge of the floor to send runoff out to sea.

Another issue with the original “builder / general contractor” arose after we had to call for service on our air conditioning system. After three repair calls, where they found a fuse blown in the outside unit, the 4th call found a burned electrical panel in the AC unit.


The top unit is the original to bedroom AC unit. The bottom eco X is a new replacement unit.

I called our builder Nelson Montalvo who actually built our house about the issue. He informed us that the AC units originally installed, were purchased by our “original builder/general contractor” at a local store. I asked him if he had ever used this brand and he said no, they were a cheap brand, that he only used “Ecox” AC Units, and had never had a problem with them.


This is new great room AC unit, that is now programmable, and has direction adjustments.

He said he gets his units from one of the major stores in Belmopan, Aggregate Hardware, where we purchased our whole house Generac generator. We drove the 1.5 hours up to Belmopan and purchased the replacement AC unit and had it installed. It works more efficiently, more effectively, and has more useful features. Yes, we paid more for this one than the original, but we live in the Caribbean, and good AC comfort can be essential. If it is to you, it’s a major appliance you need to pay attention to.


This is the burned electrical unit in the original Delta AC unit. The repairman said the compressor overheated was a dangerous situation.

We are a couple weeks from the final project that needed to be corrected, the replacement of our large, 6-panel window in the kitchen. Along with that, the beautiful granite counter that has been laying on the deck for the past year gets installed under the window out on the deck. After more than a year, we will finally actually be able to open the kitchen window!

And for one of the final times I will say this. It is extremely important to choose the best builder in Belize, and I mean the Builder, not a “general contractor” to build your new home. Don’t be fooled by a smile and friendly handshake just because he is from Canada or the U.S. and speaks English. Chances are he can’t speak Spanish and does not communicate well with those building your house. Believe me, it will be a Belizean Builder that builds your home, one that works with Belize suppliers and knows what works here, not just whats cheap. The book I will be published end of this year will have recommendations and Bio’s of the Belizean Builders I believe is the best here on the mainland. I have seen their work, I know the owners of houses they have built, and I wouldn’t recommend them if I wouldn’t use them myself.

And at that point, I do believe this blog will take a right-hand turn, back to its original venue, world travel. At that point the entire blog will be published as a book I have been working on called, you guessed it!

“Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly! “

Keep an eye out for the announcement of its released which appears to be occurring in December, on Amazon and other companies in eBook and print form. As I speak I have a well known Graphic Designer, Nada Orlic, designing its cover, my Editor panting, and three publishers anxiously awaiting the first draft.


Until our next meeting, start planning to visit your dream, and finding your paradise.

The Pirate…..Gary


Happy Halloween everyone!



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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and does happen.



As we wind down in the final days of our build, the Pirate and his wench are finally able to explore. Here I am, searching for pirate treasure in Guatemala 🙂

As I wind down this blog about building our new house in Belize, Central America, my posts are getting gearing towards their final destination, publishing my third book about Belize. The new book will release by end of 2018, will be everything about purchasing property, selecting an honest builder who actually has integrity, and knows what he is doing, building your new home, and everything else you need to know. I will guide you through the entire process, including where to purchase everything for your home, from refrigerators, to alarm systems, lighting and pots and pans.

Watch for “Building your new house in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly”, available on Amazon later this year.


Wrong window ordered and installed a year ago, unable to open !~

But, enough about that, lets look at the “finishing touches” of our new house, which is at this moment 99% finished.


Our granite pass thru counter, sitting waiting to be installed under correct window for past year !

I will identify that 1% as the replacement of the incorrect folding kitchen window, and “pass thru” counter window. My builder, Nelson Montalvo has ordered the correct window from his supplier along with the massive amount of windows ordered for one of the other houses he is presently building. It is due to be delivered and installed within the next few weeks, and we are confident it will be with Nelson.


Calypso…guarding our beach and home 🙂

As security is an ever present issue here in Belize, we have an addition to our family, and a “girlfriend” for Oliver. Her name is Calypso (pirate wench of course), a full blooded Rottweiler from the states.


Beware…you are warned !

As Calypso will have the run of the property, we wanted a barrier for her to identify with, so as not to engage with beach walkers, creating heart attacks. Our solution was to have our construction handyman Rigo build a fence and gates along the side and back of the house, with “finish-line fencing material. With this as it is on our decks, it causes no barriers, in fact, as you can see through it, it almost disappears from sight.

When Rigo finished the installation, he asked me if I was worried that Calypso could walk or eat her way through the fence? I responded, she will be trained to only do that when someone outside the fence becomes a threat.

His response? “They are dead”!


Secure fence is installed, can you see it ?

Like I have often said to so many concerned about home safety, your two best defense options for your home are good lighting and a big dog. Nothing says stay the hell out like a sign that states “I can make it to this gate in 2.3 seconds, can you ?”.

We have been working on landscaping and our beach with the assistance of our groundskeeper, Rogillio, who makes me tired watching him work away in 90 degree heat, with a smile. We brought in a load of sand and he has been working on out beach to make and keep it beautiful.


See the small coconut trees on left ? They were 1 foot till a couple months ago.

I would like to say a little about landscaping, especially palm trees, when you decide to build your new home. Back when I first started this endeavor, I have a local nursery bring in three medium size palm trees and plant on right side of the beach, to mirror the three palms on the left. A couple months ago after deciding we needed some additional palms on out property, i invested in a few small coconuts with palm trees sticking out of them. I paid like $10 BZ each for these little guys, instead of $150 BZ for big guys.


See three small palms on right side ? $800 BZ !

I wish that two years ago I had done this, because they would be medium size by now ! Just saying.

If you have been watching the Facebook pages here in Belize, you probably heard about our assault by sargassum on our beaches. It appears we are finally over this wave fore 2018, I hope. Through the efforts of Rogillio, our beach is again looking awesome.


Today, post sargassum assault !

I will end with a view of the original one and only three piece wall painting created by my good friend Walter Castillo, the famous French Artist living here in Belize. We had this rather large wall over our folding doors to the deck, and engaged Walter to create a masterpiece, which he did. Let me say, it looks much more impressive in person.


 Our latest addition, after Calypso 🙂

Be well, safe and live each day as if it is your last…. with Rum I would suggest.




Gary…..The Pirate pirate


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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and will happen.

Oh my god! A real beach!

Time goes on and the final “finishing touches” of the house are slowly happening. Our builder Nelson Montalvo ordered the correct “replacement” window for the kitchen, six panels opening outward, from his supplier. They should arrive soon and get that major issue finally fixed.


Still the wrong window, and granite counter waiting to be installed.

We have added some fencing to our original plan, utilizing the “Finish Line Bayco” plastic wire we brought down from Oregon. This will finalize completing the fencing of our entire property. We chose a combination of fencing that isn’t obnoxious, doesn’t really block views but does in fact state “enter if you have permission”.


Bayco fencing completing the security area (and dog containment).

We have multiple gates around our property for our neighbors and friends to come in to visit or easy exit for us to our most beautiful beach.


View from the Pyrates Cabana, new fencing and gate.

For security we do have multiple levels, starting with the fencing, graduating to our CCTV cameras and alarms.


Infrared Security Cameras installed high and dry.

And then we have our newest addition to our security system, enter Calypso, our new female Rottweiler.


Property signs 😉 


GDIT ….Guard Dog in Training…Calypso…(hungry) Female Rottweiler.


Now I would like to continue with my highlights of Belize Quality Builders, with an intro for Martin Galvez. martin is a local Contractor/Builder who I hired to make my awesome from the iron gate and three smaller iron gates. Martin recently built multiple homes down the road on the lagoon and has started building a friend home in Amik Kil Ha, the fantastic development up the road from us. Martin and his crew can build any kind of home structure you have in mind, from wood and concrete to steel, and his finished product is excellent.


My Pirate electronic gate built by Martin Galvez.


Anyone interested in building here in Belize should contact one of our highly qualified and experienced builders/contractors, and martin certainly is on this list.


Sorry..kind of dark. House being built here in Maya Beach by Martin Galvez Construction.

You can contact Martin at email-smardan@live.com

Messenger- @martin.galvez


And so, another day, another accomplishment or three. It’s always a good idea to start off your day with inspiration, today?

Mimosa’s! 😉 on the deck.


Great news…I have started the first (of many) edits of this blog for my soon to be published book. “Building your new house in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly”.

It should be finished and released for sale by December holidays, so keep an eye out for it. If you have been following this blog, the book will have some added important info and checklists, including my list of only the best and most honest builders in Belize, and contact info.

Till next time,


Gary …The Pirate







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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and will happen.

via Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and will happen.

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Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and will happen.


The view from our dream home on the Caribbean

I have a pretty darn good following with this blog, and almost every week I am contacted by someone telling me they have been following me here and or on Facebook. In most cases, they are either planning a trip here to Belize or already here and want to get together. And, almost all of them have either bought a building lot or in the process.


       This could be your house on the sea too, well, not this one, it’s mine 😉

More often than not they tell me how much they have enjoyed reading it, how much they have learned, and how they want to avoid the “ugly” that I presented them. One of the most asked questions is about finding the right builder for their new houses. They have read my ordeal and in many cases actually talked to others already living here, or of course on the Belize Expat site.


One of the qualities and honest builders here, actually building my neighbor’s home now.

I am thrilled to say that at this time, four of our new friends are in the process of building their new homes here in the greater Maya Beach area, and they are all using local Belizean Builders.


Construction started by Elsner and Mynor on our neighbor’s lot.


As my plan is to turn this entire blog into a book to be published by the end of the year, the subject of just how to find and choose your builder will need to be addressed. I have decided to start blogging about that exact detail, exposing you all to the builders I have found to be quality builders and contractors. Not only have I seen their work, visited the houses and businesses they built, but also have interviewed the expats who hired them. I will only be presenting you with builders that I personally trust, give you some background, publish photos of their work, and contact info.

Then it’s up to you.

If you have followed my blog, you are aware that we started out with what we thought was a qualified U.S. Builder. We met a handful of “builders” that were “approved” for building houses in what was then “Sanctuary Belize”, previously Sanctuary Bay and now the “Reserve”. As most of you know that “dream” soon became not a reality, and we broke ties with them and moved on to purchasing a lot not in a “development” here on the Placencia Peninsula. We had “be-friended” a “builder” from the Sanctuary deal, who was now working out of the Placencia area. We hired him believing it would be in our best interest to have a U.S. “builder” overseeing “his crew” building our new home.

Fast forward two years.


Our pretty much-completed home in Maya Beach. The only remaining issue being fixed by Nelson is the replacement of large folding kitchen window with the correct one this time. We “ate” the cost of the incorrect one installed previously!

What we discovered before our house was completed enough to move in, was that he wasn’t a “builder”, but rather a “General Contractor”, who hired a Belizean Builder/Contractor to build our house. After multiple screwups, faulty systems, and major products incorrectly ordered and installed wrong, we discovered the truth. Our builder from day one was a local Belizean Builder / Contractor / Designer. Therefore, we separated from the original guy, and proceeded with our actual Belizean Builder, to contract and complete the building of our home.

I can tell you we are completely satisfied and happy with our Belizean Builder, Nelson Montalvo.

I will also tell you that only a few years ago, Marsha and I organized a “Builders Forum” here in Placencia, for over 250 U.S., Canadian and others from around the world. All of these people who traveled here to our multi-day event were planning to build their homes in Southern Belize. Many are still in contact with me, as well as following my blog, and still planning on building here in Belize. All of them, as well as hundreds of others,  follow my blog after finding it somehow, and I am thrilled to give you all the insight into the building here, that I wish I had available when I began.

So, appropriately I will be in this blog, starting with Nelson Montalvo and his company here on the peninsula. In upcoming blogs, I plan to highlight the other excellent Belizean Builders here on the Placencia Peninsula. They are in no particular order, Margarito Ortiz, Martin Galvez, and Elsner Balona. These quality and honest builders are presently building homes for many of our friends.


The new home on lagoon byway in the CoCo Plum Residences south of Maya Beach being built by Nelson Montalvo and his crew.

Nelson went to school to become a builder/contractor, and unlike many of his friends, he went on to continue his education and become an Architect as well. To accomplish this he needed to leave Belize and attend school in Mexico. After completed, he returned to Belize and started working as a contractor, in developments on the peninsula. About 12 years ago, he had built up enough equipment and fellow construction workers to start his own company. Most of his crew have been with him for the past 10 years or more.


The view of the canal the home views in Coco Plum.

Nelson and his crew have built the main building and homes in such well-known locations as Roberts Grove, Naia Resort /CoCo Plum, and the new development, Itz’ana Belize Resort & Residences.

After building our home here in Maya Beach, Nelson and his crew started construction of the new office location in Coco Plum Residences, for Tradewinds Catamaran Charters. Before his company had even completed that build, he was already starting construction of our friend’s new home up the road on the canal in Coco Plum Residences, which includes a pool.

Last week Nelson started construction on another friend’s new house and three cabanas on the sea here in Maya Beach. It was excellent seeing that they looked at a few Belizean builder/contractors, and chose our builder, Nelson.


Here is Nelson’s business card. You will note it is “tattered”. The reason is that I have taken it out of my wallet so many times to let people copy it, who wanted to contact him. 

Nelson is in the final stages of completing the construction of his new shop and location for his heavy equipment in Seine Bight Village right down the road. Nelson is one of the few builders on the peninsula that owns most of his heavy construction equipment. This is one of the things that makes him and his company stand out from the rest.

It’s so nice to see all the U.S. and Canadian’s moving to Belize and hiring Belize Builders to build their new homes. It’s just one more way to show the local Belizean that we are wanting to work with them, and help their economy. After all, we are investing in the local economy, not a “U.S. or Canadian wallet.

I will close on a super positive note, with a photo of my new “security system”” in training”,

Calypso, our 10 weeks old female Rottweiler who made the journey by air with Marsha a couple weeks ago from Oregon.



Happy roads, and may they all lead to the beach, and a full bottle of rum!


Gary…The Pirate





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