Building your new house in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that does happen.


Beginning of another day in paradise, what a way to start it?

So things are in the final stages of finish here in Maya Beach at the Pirates Paradise, with as you can probably guess, hundreds (it feels like) little things to finish. Our builder Nelson Montalvo has been excellent in getting the remaining things done, that was supposed to be finished by the “other guy”, but were not. Actually, as Nelson is very busy with his many projects and home construction projects. He referred us to two other excellent local Belize contractors that he had subcontracted for our build before.


Olivers new “Nasty Area” .

Our wall/fencing with Bayco Finish Line material is almost complete, and actually, the south side of the house and back stairs area is completed, including our palapa over the rear entrance. This is most enjoyed by little Oliver because he can now go out to his own personal area to his own version of “The Nasty”.

Marsha and I were so thrilled to learn that the 6-panel replacement window for the kitchen had finally arrived in Belize City at Benny’s, and would be delivered and installed soon. This was the last major thing that needed to be completed, replacing the incorrect, 3-panel inward folding window, we bought via the “other guy”. A few days later Benny’s truck shows up at our house, without calling and scheduling ahead. We were pretty excited to finally have that nightmare over, and open the doors wide as they carried all the separate glass panels through the house and stacking on the outside deck. As they left they said Benny’s would be contacting us to take the incorrect window out, and installing these “correct” ones.


Looking pretty finished at the Pirates Paradise.

As the truck pulled down the road, Marsha asked me to get the tape measure,  because the windows looked pretty long to her. We measured them, and instead of being about 60 inches tall, the windows were actually 72 inches tall. Marsha quickly called Benny’s who contacted their truck driver who returned and retrieved the incorrect window.

Here we frickin go again after they promised to replace the window with the correct size, Benny’s “window specialist” calls and tells us they can “cut the hurricane class glass windows to size”. To make a long story short, after some coarse back and forth emails and phone calls about a refund of funds for the difference in cost, we got a full refund of what we had paid.

We immediately contacted our builder Nelson and asked him to order the replacement 6-panel window from his supplier. You see, we trust Nelson Montalvo to contact the best, not the cheapest supplier, and to finally get this done right. The outcome to follow in a couple months.


The sub-contractors spreading sone in 98 degree sun ! These guys are hard workers.

On a more enjoyable note, our sub-contractors installed the tile barriers and stone driveway and parking areas, producing an almost finish look. Marsha then arranged to have some very different and exciting varieties of Palm trees in the front of the house.


Ahhhh..the little red beast in its parking area.

The inside of our new home is actually at a point where we can actually walk around without tripping over boxes, and I have to say, thank god for our massive concrete storage room under the house. This has saved us a lot of issues, and we are actually one by one going through the boxes filling that room. By the Christmas Holidays, we until we meet in the next post be done, I hope.


My design front door carvings, removable and replaceable with different carvings 😉

Another accomplishment on my part is my own designed double front door, and inserting removable wood carvings, to change whenever we want to.

And talking about Christmas, my new book to be published will probably be in print by then, so keep an eye out for, “Building your new house in Belize, Central America, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and will happen”.

Cheers and until we meet again in the next post …Arrrr!

Gary…The Pirate



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Building our new house in Belize, the “Good, Bad and yes Ugly that happens”


                              5:30 AM Marsha relaxes in her new office 😉

As we finally near the end of the journey building our new home, with repairs and fixes to earlier issues, we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of all the major issues encountered early on, the remaining major one that needs fixing is the replacement of kitchen folding windows. Great news, I just received an email yesterday, that the replacement correct window has arrived in Belize City, from Barbados. Yes, that’s right, Barbados. As soon as that correct one is replaced, Nelson, our builder can have his guys build the under the support and install granite counter outside the kitchen folding windows, almost a year later.


New lights installed in the bathroom, finally I can shave and actually hit every hair?

We have been living in our new house for a couple months now, without any light fixtures or lights, other than the lights in our installed ceiling fans.


Finally, the shipping container arrives at Pirates Paradise

Finally, after almost three months, our 20-foot shipping container arrived and is now completely unloaded. What didn’t come up into the main house is filling our concrete storage room under the house. One of the first items out of the containers were all the light fixtures, for inside the house, and front and back decks. Yes, we now have lights.

My main concern inside the container was my brand new Vision Ceramic “Egg” Grill / Smoker. I have been “barbecuing” on a Belize drum unit I had made for me, and trust me when I say, it was challenging. I have anxiously awaited the arrival of my Vision, and also my tabletop Traeger Smoker. They all arrived in perfect condition, and I have already started using them both. Yipppppeee!


My new “baby” arrives intact and ready to barbecue and smoke!

We are at a point where our Builder, Nelson Montalvo is ready to finish the last few things to complete our build, including the landscaping around the house, and repair the mess that was made of our beautiful beach.


Beginning the process of unloading our new life 

The first thing that needed to happen was to sell and remove the shipping container, which we just accomplished yesterday.


Shipping container sold, and on its way out of here!

Stone borders will be installed to separate the stone driveway and walkways from the beach sand. Underground water and electricity for auto sprinklers and lights will follow. We had some larger palm trees of the different varieties planted before this work begins.

trees arrive.JPG

Our landscape company arrives with new palm trees

Our fancy iron gate which I showed you in the last post now has a wireless opener attached to it, and the Pyrate’s Paradise is now more secure.

tree 1

 New palms in front of the house, looking pretty sweet!

So everything is coming together here in Belize, and Marsha and I are totally thrilled to be here in our new home. Even with the serious “bumps” in the road with our previous GM, we have been totally happy with our actual builder, Nelson, who actually has been on top of everything, and very professional. Like I have said for months now if you are going to build in Belize, do yourself a favor, and choose a Belizean Builder, and get it done right the first time.

tree 2.JPG

But more on that when my new book is released, “Building your new house in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and will happen”, later this year.

And now it’s time for Marsha and me to fire up the Pyrate Queen and do some cruising on the Caribbean.



The Pirate….Gary









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Building your new house in Belize, Central America, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and does happen.

Four months after our “original general contractor” said our house would be finished, our new General Contractor / Builder / Home Designer is repairing and finishing our house. The “ugly” is finally getting “good”.


No matter what “bad or ugly” happens during your building in Belize, there is always some “Good” bringing you “back to center”.

We appear to be in the final home stretch with our new home build here in Belize, Central America. If you have been following my blog, you already know about the multiple things that were ordered incorrectly, installed incorrectly, or just not functioning when we moved into our home.


Nelson Montalvo and his crew are one of the very best builders here in Belize. Nelson exceeds because he is also an Architect. Nelson also has a high-quality crew that has worked for him for many years and all take pride in their workmanship. I have learned over the past few months that I made the mistake of many others, by not hiring from the beginning, a Belizean Builder with years of actual experience building homes here in Belize. Not only do they have the experience, but also all the right contacts to get supplies and services. Also, choosing a Belizean Builder / Contractor / Home Designer can save you tons of money, but more on that in “Chapter 1” of my upcoming new book.

Putting everything totally into the hands of our actual Contractor / Builder Nelson Montalvo, a local Belizean builder here in Maya Beach, and eliminating our original “general contractor” has been a blessing. 


The guys “flipping” the large doors originally installed backward, around to open correctly outward. Even though it cost us an extra $2000 to have Benny’s guys do this, it was worth it to get it right, finally.


Every week we correct and replace the faulty items, and in some cases upgrade to new which should have been installed originally. When we last talked about this, the large four-panel folding doors between the great room and outside deck, were turned around so they finally opened outward like the architect had in the approved plans. That being said, this procedure tore up all around the outside of the door and needed to be patched and re-finished.


Nelson Montalvo’s guys patching and finishing around the now correctly installed four-panel folding door.


We had also located a glass company here in Belize (instead of Guatemala), who actually could order the correct six-panel Cat-5 folding window system for between kitchen sink and outdoor cook center, that folded outward. As you might remember, our original GC ordered the incorrect window, as only three panels, and not hurricane proof glass from Guatemala. After numerous attempts to contact this supplier without success, and of course, paying a large number of funds, we had to order and pay a second time out of pocket, here locally, for the correct windows. The catch is it is taking three months to get them and have installed, and the “bad” is having to pay for the same expensive window, twice!


The incorrect three-panel kitchen window that can’t be opened because it opens inward and would take out hanging lights and sink faucet!


Another issue is the “instant hot water system” which was not correctly ordered originally and is not large enough for our house needs. We have been working with Nelsons plumber Freddie making adjustments to try to get a continuous flow of hot water. It seems to be getting better, but if we can’t get to work consistently, we will have to buy a larger insta-hot gas system, and maybe a “name brand’ this time?


“Instant hot water”? really?

On a good note, our decision to build a concrete single car garage under the house is working out wonderfully. Nelson Montalvo’s crew that he was working on it are done and we are only waiting for the “hurricane class” heavy duty metal garage door unit and it will be complete.


Large garage under house almost complete.

Wife Marsha is very happy to park “her new truck” inside. If you are planning on building in Belize near the sea, you might plan for this, especially if you will have new wheels. Parking outside you will find a coating of salt on everything metal, every morning unless covered or contained.


The new “Palapa Entry” from the beach still has that “I just woke up hairstyle” 😉 Will settle down soon, we hope. If not, will be “updated”

Finally, our 20-foot shipping container, which was supposed to arrive a couple months ago, is now slated to arrive next Wednesday. It was diverted to Jamaica after passing through the Panama Canal, instead of directly to Belize City, but don’t ask me why. Maybe they will stick some good dark Jamaica rum in it for us?

Once the crate arrives, and we unpack it, we should be pretty close to finished with the building and moving into our new home here in Maya Beach, Belize. At that point, I will be working on some “edits” to all my blog posts about building and moving to Belize and transforming it into my third book about Belize.

“Building your new home in Belize, Central America, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and will happen”.

Watch for its release later this year as an “e-Book” and hard copy on

Till next time,


The Pirate….Gary


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Building your home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that can and does happen.

          The journey is finally coming to an end, or so we thought ?


When I last posted we had moved into our new house on the beach here in Maya Beach, Belize. Many of the issues were resolved from our original “builder” / General Contractor,  including reversing the large folding doors to the outside deck. We had ordered the new large folding kitchen window from a better source than was previously done, and this time not only will it be the correct window, but also “Cat 5 rated”, like the original was supposed to be. However, it will be another two months they say, until that one arrives and is installed but at least we will finally have the correct window.


Ac Unit looks pretty, is large, but not functional to today’s standards or needs in a hot climate.

There are some things that you cannot know is wrong with your house build in Belize, even if you are watching the builders install or build them until of course, you move in and experience a problem. Our previous “general contractor” had ordered a large “Delta” air conditioning unit for the great room, and a smaller “Delta” for the bedroom. He had explained the larger one would be needed for the large room and high ceilings.


Units under the house that probably will need replacing also.

Well, we are moved in and hot weather upon us. Our living room couch is sitting where it was planned to be, directly under the force of ice-cold air from the AC Unit in the living room. You may think that is terrific, but it really isn’t. The fact is the AC unit installed is the “bottom of the line” “El Cheepo” AC unit, which has only one function, blow cold air straight down on the couch. The better units have many functions, including moisture removal, and especially, directional controls, so you can adjust where the air is blown. It’s the same damn thing in the bedroom.

So here we go again, having our “actual builder/contractor” ordering and replacing the brand new AC Units, with ones that should have been installed.

Why did this happen you might ask? Because the AC Units fell into the “allowances” category with the previous “general contractor”, and he chooses the cheap units.


Instant hot water gas system, “el cheapo”, not what was needed for our house.

So while I am on a roll, let me tell you about the propane system and especially the whole house “instant hot” water system. After moving in and finally having everything connected so we could actually test things out “real time”, we were excited to test our beautiful “outdoor shower” and “rain-shower head.”The only problem is the “instant hot water” system purchased by our original “general contractor”, is too small for out hot water system in our house, and in fact, is a relatively unknown brand. We are waiting about five minutes for hot water in the shower and kitchen sink, and then get about two minutes of hot water before it goes cold again.

When I asked my Builder / Contractor Nelson Montalvo about this problem, he informed me that the instant hot water system was provided by my “ex-general contractor”, and not the brand he is used to installing in his new homes.

Enough said we are having the unit replaced with the correct one, that should have been installed in the first place.


New garage walled in, tow wood custom doors, and our glass blocks for lighting at the rear

So now let’s talk good things and the work that’s being done by my Builder / Contractor Nelson. The garage is almost completed below the house and we are thrilled. Nelson’s woodworkers build two beautiful doors and installed glass blocks to bring in light from off the sea.


Showing the glass block window and three-foot dod wall.

His crew also finished building the three-foot wall on the south side of the house and around seaside stairs, for security and dog’s area. All that’s left is the installation of a white Bayco line.


The dog’s side area as well as the three-foot wall on the southern border, awaiting Bayco fencing.

Once the shipping container arrives next week and we get it emptied, Nelson and his crew will proceed to finish the landscaping, add beautiful clean sand on our beach, and Marsha can start planting exotic plants and trees, to finish our building project.


The beachfront entry, awaiting thatched roof.

It’s been a long road this past year and a half, especially when it was supposed to be completed back before the Christmas holiday 2017. I really don’t regret much of what we have done, other than making the major mistake of choosing my original “general contractor”, and not going with a local experienced Belizean Contractor, that had many years building in Belize, and had his own building crew. I’m not alone in this experience, as many have started out with a U.S. or Canadian “general contractor”, thinking they had their own experienced crew to build their dream home. The fact is, they don’t, in fact, they farm out for bid to local Belizean builders, and seek the lowest bidder to build your home, and still charge you the higher amount they quoted you.


New wood wall in front of the whole whose generator for sound control and looks.

I actually know Expats on the Placencia Peninsula, who still think their homes were built by a “gringo builder” as they say here, and in fact, were built by my builder Nelson Montalvo.


Seaside stairs and top gate.

So I leave you with this thought when you start interviewing your builders. When they show you homes “they built”, ask to see their employees, their crew that built it. Ask to see their sign’s, “This home built by …..”, ask to see who’s names on all the heavy equipment used to build those houses.

Find out who is actually building your house, and hire them, and save 20-30 % at least on the cost of building, because the houses here are built by Belizean Builder / Contractors, and that’s a fact. The fact is, my actual builder was and is Nelson Montalvo here in Maya Beach, and not only did he go to school to become a builder/contractor, he continued his school to get a degree in Architecture also.

If only I had known this two years ago.


Cheers, all,


The Pirate….Gary






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Building our new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and does happen.

Finally getting everything completed on the house, and already starting some “remodels/additions”.

Placencia pool

The pool and pool bar at ” The Placencia” just up the road from us.

After finally getting all power and water installed, plumbing finished up, and actually getting to move into the new house, everything is coming together. Also, addressing the folding kitchen window and mega folding glass door in the living room which was a nightmare is getting fixed, thanks to us taking over as the “General Contractor”. Bennies window specialists cane and reversed big glass doors, and the new and correct 6-panel window for the kitchen is ordered and should be installed in a few weeks.


“The Guys” after they corrected the original error in the big folding glass door”

So as we try to get past the old “issues”, we decided to start some “upgrades” to the house. We decided to continue the 8-foot wood fence to the house, and then switch to a 3-foot cement wall that would wrap around the back of the house and beachfront stairs.


Needless to say, our Builder / Contractor Nelson Montalvo was excited to put a crew right on this for us. We love this guy and his crews, and the quality work they do.


The three-foot wall which will have the white plastic Bayco in those holes 😉

The 5-foot columns will have above the 3-foot wall, an additional 2 feet of the white plastic wire fencing as added security. The purpose of the wall is to contain an area for the dogs, where they can “visit” unattended.


See how the fence transitions into the short wall. 

The other major new addition is a concrete garage below the house. We have learned just how harsh the salt air is on anything metal, and especially vehicles. As we just spent el mucho cash-a-mundo on a new truck, longevity can be increased if parked enclosed in a garage.


Garage built in for Marsha’s new “baby”. There will be a gate to the right to contain dogs.

Another fun part of the fencing which takes our “Pirate Theme” to the next level here at the Pirates Paradise, is our new metal gate in front. Martin Galvez, another excellent local Builder/Contractor had his metal fabricators design and build this awesome 16-foot gate.


Arrrrrr ! Enter at your own risk !

Please keep an eye on my blogs because soon I will start blogging  “Builder / Contractor’s Spotlight Blogs”. I plan to do separate blogs on each of the four Belizean Builder/Contractors that I have found, to be honest, and quality builders. I will put my six years of research, as well as my personal experiences with all of them, along with references by owners, and photo’s of homes and resorts, that they and their employee’s actually built.


One of the featured “Builder Spotlight'” Belizean Designer / Builders built many buildings and homes here at the new exciting It’zana Resort and Residences here on the Placencia Peninsula.

Finally, next week, our shipping container is due to arrive in Belize City and being transported to our new house. After everything is unloaded and our home is in it’s final finished faze, I will be doing my final blog, a kind of sad event, with a happy ending.

The fun part at that point is I will be editing, and adding a “blog remodel” which will answer the many questions of how and why things changed at the end of our build. This won’t be in this blog format, but rather my next published book, my third in fact about Belize.

It will be named, “Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes, Ugly that can and will happen”, and how to avoid it.

What a surprise, right?  😉


The Pirate …Gary…and his wench…Marsha 🙂



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Building our new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes Ugly that happens.

Correcting major mistakes, wrapping things up, and additions already.

For many months now I have talked about the folding door to deck, and folding kitchen window to the deck and cook center. As you probably remember, they were both terribly wrong, both in the specification as well as installation. The bottom line was, for months I said the big folding door was installed backward, and could possibly be turned around, opening out to the deck. Additionally, when they installed it, they didn’t leave keys, so it couldn’t be locked or unlocked from outside. Our biggest concern was “Hurricane Spec’s)” specify doors need to open outwards, not inwards, so they don’t blow in.


 Notice the door opens incorrectly inward.

The large folding kitchen window was just ordered wrong, and not to our architect’s specifications. It had three large panels instead of the six that was specified, and it opened inwards over a sink, instead of outward over the counter. Adding insult to injury, if you tried to open them, you would hit the faucet as well as overhead lights. Add to that, there was no locking system, inside or out, so anyone could open from outside and crawl in. Not at all acceptable in Belize.

These doors and windows were ordered and installed by a Guatemalan Company. Over many months when we asked our former General Contractor about getting them fixed/replaced, he told us the company wouldn’t respond to him. Finally, he did tell us that he didn’t think they would be doing anything about either of them



Installers from Benny’s in Belize City, removed and flipping folding door to re-install correctly.

So, fast forward a few weeks to present. Marsha and I decided to take over as our own “General Contractor”! We contacted Benny’s in Belize City, who sent their window guys down to see what was up with our door and window. They found that indeed, I was correct about the big folding door, and would schedule their installers to come down and flip and re-install correctly.


Rick Castillo and crew, Pat & Tyron dismantled and rotated door swinging outward, correctly like it was supposed to be!

They examined the kitchen folding window and determined that not only did it need to be replaced with a six-panel window, folding outward, but it was the incorrect configuration for the opening. The correct window should have a “low profile” bottom which would match exactly the inside and outside granite counters. The one ordered and installed was raised about 3-4 inches. They also noted that the window was not “Cat-5” Hurricane glass windows like specified in original plans. They also took a look at the large glass door between the bathroom and outdoor shower, which has a 3-inch sill on the bottom that can easily be tripped over. They told us that door was also ordered incorrectly and should have been a flush bottom door. For now, we will deal with it.


Hard to see, but look closely, if those three large windows opened inward, they would take out lights above and faucet.

We have ordered the correct window from Benny’s, and paid for it, the second time for this window. Well, at least when it is installed it will be correct this time

We also took overall ordering, installation, and payments for our wood countertops and cabinets, as well as all the inside and outside granite. As those are all in their finality of building and installation, I will hold off on pictures of those for the next issue of this blog. Stay tuned because they are beautiful beyond belief. I will tell you that all our granite is being designed and installed by A.L. Construction Limited here in Maya Beach. All our wood counters and cabinets are being created and installed by an excellent woodworker, Conrad Lewis in Hopkins, Belize. If you decide to build here on the Placencia Peninsula, you should take a look at what this artist does.


A “little taste” of whats to come. This is the 17 foot, 18 inch wide counter Conrad made for me.

On a brighter note, our new Belizean Contractor has completed the final plumbing and electric inside the house, and we have “final approval” from our Bank Manager at Atlantic International Bank. There are still some minor things, like most of the light fixtures that will arrive in our ocean shipping container next week. Yippee!


New “security wall” entrance for beachfront stairs.

Now for the additions, a new garage under the house, and a “security/dog area wall” on the side of the house.


Garage under house almost completed. Just Doors and windows left 😉

As we just purchased a brand new Izuzu D-Max truck a couple weeks ago, it quickly became obvious that parking it all night every night on the sea, would turn it into a “rust bucket” within a year or two. Therefore we decided to build a garage for the new baby. At the same time, we decided to have our Belizean Contractor build a short wall along the side of the house and around the back staircase. This would allow the dogs free access to a major space and keep little Oliver from running to Alaska.


Our “new baby”!

As you might remember the plan was to have a pier built off our beach for our new boat. After over a year our previous contractor was unable to obtain a building permit for the pier, so we decided to use that money and have our new contractors build the garage and wall.


Coming home to port, with my honey Marsha and “little Oliver”.

So you see. some things do work out quite well. Even when you think everything is going well, there’s usually something not. Being “on-site” during the building of your new home in Belize is like I always say, extremely important. I have been here the entire time, with the exception of three weeks over the past year and a half. And still, things happened that I didn’t see until it was too late. Your choice of who oversees the building of your house is of the utmost importance, Ordering the correct major parts for your house is also extremely important, and seeing that they are installed correctly too. I will go into this more in the first chapter of my new book, which is based on this blog, publishing by the end of 2018.

Until the next post, and pretty much-finished interior, I leave you with one thought, it’s all about “no worries” here in Belize. At least at some point, I hope.



The Pirate …..Gary



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Building our new house in Belize, the Saga Continues, Good, Bad and yes Ugly!

New Captains at the helm…

When I last posted, we were in a “stuck position”, with the entire shell and interior of the house basically completed. Of course, final work, like installation of lighting, ceiling fans, finished plumbing work was being held up by major issues. Notably, delays in the finished install of cabinets, which have held up the install of granite countertops, followed by plumbing, like sinks and faucets.


 Sunrise from the Peterson Beach Home, who says sunsets are the best ?

Of course, the kitchen counters and granite were not the only issues in the kitchen, as you probably remember. The incorrect and non- functioning folding windows and doors that were ordered needed to be replaced by a supplier from Guatemala. For well over two months, all I heard was “they won’t answer my calls”, they won’t reply to my emails”, and finally, “I don’t think they are going to replace them”!


Ceiling Fans installed by Nelsons Electricians, but no power to test them yet

Enough is enough, and Marsha and I have taken control of tis situation by ordering the correct folding window for kitchen and folding large doors for the living room, from Benny’s here in Belize. Marsha has taken great pains to send them all the specs, including legal drawings created by our Architect Tracy, so they order and install the correct windows and doors. And these will actually have the ability to lock!


Cabinets arriving and ready to be installed

I would highly suggest that if you plan to build your house in Belize, you personally take control of specialty orders, and if possible, get them ordered and installed by a reputable Belize company.

One good thing that gave us a ton of relief was the delivery of all our appliances, ready to install.


Appliances arrive to be installed after cabinets are installed, and we have electric to house ?

The past few days things have started to get better and we see finality to our building project. In addition to taking control of the window/door issue, we also took total responsibility for all granite costs and install. Lucky for us our granite is coming from a supplier right down the road from us here in Maya Beach, A.L. Construction who are personal friends of ours. In fact, we paid in full for all the interior and exterior granite, and they bumped the installation ahead of those with only deposits.


Granite counters arriving for install in kitchen.

Issues with payments to our cabinet maker / woodworker Conrad Lewis in Hopkins, Belize, were eliminated when we arranged to take over payments for that too, and he has already installed all kitchen cabinets.


Cabinets installed and ready for granite install.

On another note, you probably remember our large mounds of “lagoon sand” that was finally spread over the property. Well, regretfully the guy who was not our regular bobcat guy working for Nelson Montalvo, mixed the beautiful beach sand that was set aside, to be placed on top of the lagoon sand on our beach. The result is hard packed, full of debris, crappy beach sand. Definitely not happy with this.

But, there’s always a silver lining if you know where to look. We had a meeting with our builder Nelson Montalvo the other day and went over our list of everything that needs to be completed or repaired. Nelson will be having his bobcat “expert” come back and fix what was done, moving some good sand to the beach after scraping off the bad. If needed we will also have him bring in some clean river sand.


Whole House Gas Generator installed.

Our electrical stuff is all installed now, and Freddie our electrician / plumber that works for Nelson, even installed our Generac “whole house” generator, with oversight by the local Generac dealer, Belmopan Aggregates and Hardware. This system will kick on so fast in an outage that we won’t even notice lights flickering!


After a year and all electric installed, the power finally run to house.

Surprise! As I am writing I realize there’s a strange motor outside, and it didn’t sound like a vehicle. I head out to the porch of the cabana, and low and behold, the generator is on! It ran for ten minutes and shut off, obviously an automatic self-test. Sweet!


The first set of palm trees installed.

I will close with a shot of our first group of Palm trees delivered and planted. Things are really starting to come together, finally, despite the “bad and ugly”.


Palm trees being delivered, who says size doesn’t matter ?

We were very lucky to have Nelson Montalvo and all his guys and equipment on our house build from day one. They are excellent at what they do, and with his constant attention, and working hand in hand with the cabinet and granite guys, we should be in our new home in a week or so.

And this time, I will say with confidence, that week or so will occur this month.

Cheers all,

The Pirate….Gary


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