You Mom was always right ! Booze is the only answer !

It has suddenly come to my attention that I may be “coming down with something” as my mother used to say as I wind down another day. Maybe its payment for all the partying I did last week through the weekend in Portland, but I was pretty good about keeping myself “bundled up”. 


I had a inkling something was afoot, especially after hearing about some of the other attendees at my wife’s holiday gathering at one of the other managers home in Portland, getting sick. Thats the problem with not being a hermit, and socializing with strangers, or even friends, when it goes around, it comes around.

So as the scratchy feeling moves around in my throat, and I start having hot flashes like my wife used to complain about, and my body starts telling me, “crap is about to hit”, all I can think about is the parties planned for this next weekend ! How frickin lame is that ? Such a selfish guy I am, right ? 

So whats a guy to do, when he starts feeling a bit under the weather. I say lets look at the remedies that have worked for centuries, and maybe try them all !


My father always swore ( quite literally) that when he felt a cold come on, sitting in a hot steamy tub, with his bottle of Jack Daniels would flush out the nasty little bugs. I have to admit that I have tried that cure many times, and found that actually I got wasted and would almost drown myself, and it never cured my cold.

Some people swear by the hot tea, lemon, honey and a shot of whisky. I actually have found somewhat of a relief from a similar blend, a cup of tea, shot (or two) of Captain Morgan 100 proof Rum, a sliver of lime and shot of Amaretto. This may not sound like it would be drinkable, but it really is nice, and has seemed to work for me.

Now our good friends from Munich offer an even sweeter deal, however not for so much for the lady involved. They highly suggest that you get a deep tissue massage, immediately followed by Chamomile tea with a spiced rum added, and then 8 hours of sleep.


Now the standard old fashioned “hot toddy” is one home remedy that everyone has heard of, and many have tried. Put equal parts of whisky, honey and fresh squeezed lemon in a coffee mug, and zap it in the microwave until hot but not boiling. I’m thinking that what really happens wen you get to the bottom of the cup ? Your warm, with a buzz, and there is no problem getting to drink.

The bottom line in my humble opinion, is that all colds eventually go away on their own. The things we do to get rid of them, only hope to relieve symptoms, and make a bad ride a little easier. Lots of rest, plenty of sleep, and mega fluids (water) to compensate for all the booze you have consumed to kill the cold, which probably knocks you out, is the cure.

Your Mom was always right, and to prove that, look at the container of NyQuill or other “liquid cold remedies” and you will find they are mostly alcohol. Just like your mom used.

Happy Winter All ! And to all a good night..hiccup !

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