Torrontes, a delicious white for the holidays ?

With the holidays fast approaching, my thoughts always seem to bend towards what new wines can I introduce to my friends, to complement their holiday meals. This year I had the opportunity of trying a new and exciting wine for me, “Torrontes” from Argentina, which is a white grape wine, produced at high altitudes.

Argentina Vineyard

Hess  Wineries of Northern California, a well-known and respected family in the wine industry, have developed multiple wineries in recently purchased vineyards in Argentina.  Producing  some of the best Malbec coming out of that country, they also produce Torrontes, a white grape wine, that if you have the opportunity to taste, you should, and if you don’t, put it on your “Santa’s List”, and if he leaved a bottle or two under the tree for you, there will be “joy to your world !

Torrontes is the signature white wine produced in Argentina, originated in the early 1800’s. With much speculation on exact origin of this wine, there are theories that are most probable to be accurate. The first, it originated as a raisin variety planted by early Spanish Conquistadors. Second theory is based on DNA evidence, which suggests a cross between grapes of Spain, Galicia, and the Muscat of Alexandria is more popular today.

Argentina Wine Regions

This wonderful white wine, Torrontes, is enjoyed throughout Argentina , with a popularity gaining ground by exportation internationally as well.  No doubt that as the world sees more of it, and has opportunities of tasting, that its popularity will grow and it will find its place among the Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, being served and enjoyed today. Light and refreshing, with muscat undertones and with an orange blossom zesty aroma , it provides  a very refreshing warm weather wine, or one to enjoy with lighter fare of cheese, oysters, shrimp or lobster.

On the Hess Collection vineyards,  grapes for this wine are 100 % Torrontes, and are harvested by hand from vines some 30 to 60 years in age. Fermentation process is slow, controlled by select yeast, then kept at a very low temperature, and then gently transfered into stainless steel containers for approximately three months then bottled and released two months later.

The Torrontes wine will appear straw color in your glass, soft and delicate, on the nose fresh flowers, Kiwi, jasmine, lime and grapefruit, and at last fresh cut roses. Your first swirl and sip, you realize a delicate floral mouth, soft, with a nice elegant finish, forcing that smile to form, and a desire for another taste. You will find this wine to be complex and graceful for a white wine, complementing many choices in menu, from shellfish, to delicate white fish, Sushi and Asian Fusion dishes, or alone by itself, on a warm summer evening, or a holiday dinner by the fireplace.

If you can’t find this beauty in your local wine store, I for sure would contact The Hess Collection for shipment directly to your door today.

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