Try something new, put some of Argentina on your table


As you browse the wine section of your favorite wine store or Albertson’s (pretty excellent selection), or even Costco, you will find more and more wines from Argentina. Over the past few years, not only have the processes used in Argentina caught up to the rest of the wine world, but major U.S. Wineries have started investing in the wineries of Argentina.


For all time in Argentina, wine has been a staple of daily life, sipped like we sip Coke or Pepsi, which IMHO wine is mucho better for you,  and like they find, helps get you through the day.

If you have the opportunity to visit Argentina, there are specific areas and wineries that you must visit. The Salta Region of Argentina is like stepping back in time, visiting the history of wine over 180 years old.The vines here in this splendid historic vineyard region, are some of the oldest in Argentina. The original plantings were brought to Argentina from France in 1854, and were Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are still producing grapes used in today’s wines.

Bodega Coloma Winery, a  historic winery stayed within the same family until 2001 when Donald and Ursula Hess, after a few years of exploring Argentina, decided to purchase it. They had  searched the country for the perfect terroir and weather conditions for growing high quality and unique wines in this prime South American country.. They added new vines along with existing in all four vineyards, and building a state of the art wine facility with the latest technologies for production.

Argentina Malbec and Bread

When visiting Bodega Coloma Winery as it has evolved today, you will find not only the spectacular location of this winery, but also one of the seven jewels in the crown of the Hess Family Wineries around the world today. Guided tours are held every day of the week at the winery, to show you what makes this region and these wines so exceptional. Their Visitors Center with its verandas overlooking the vineyards is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and the spectacular views. After the tour you will taste the Coloma Estates wines along with some of the other regional wines, along with something Argentina is famous for, their delicious tapas, cheeses and olives.

The wines you will taste here at this winery, produced from the grapes grown here in Argentina are spectacular. The portfolio of wines consists of Malbec Estate, Malbec Reserve both reds, and Torrontes which is the white Argentina is most famous for producing.

So during the upcoming holidays, instead of grabbing the usual selection of cabs, Syrah’s, or Chardonnay’s, why not include a bottle or two from Argentina and taste the difference.





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