Hate Me if ya want ! that’s just my opinion !

As I draw to the end of 2012 I find myself thinking of all the great things that happened to me this year, the people I met and new friends I now have. The places I traveled to in 2012, three weeks in Hawaii with my lovely wife Marsha, San Diego where my Brother in Law Michael and I proceeded to spend hours with a keg of “Stella” at the Hotel Del Coronado, and many other wonderful trips.

French, American and Australian WineMaker Tastings of 8 wines

French, American and Australian WineMaker Tastings of 8 wines

However, it is the new and sometimes not new but still exciting wine events I attended this year that I am enjoying pleasant thoughts and smiles over today. Every year there are so many wine and or food events worldwide that I have to choose carefully of which to attend. We here in the Pacific Northwest, and lets face it, the West Coast in general, are extremely lucky, because no matter what anyone says, you can grow grapes almost anywhere in the US, but out here, we produce the best wines, IMHO. Hate me if you want, but that’s just how I feel about it.

I was very lucky and honored this year to attend the International Pinot Noir Conference in McMinnville, Oregon, an opportunity not to be missed if given the chance. The Seafood and Wine Festivals in both Newport and Astoria, Oregon, The McMinnville Sip, not to leave out the special “By Invite Only” tastings in the Oregon Willamette Valley of soon to be released Pinot Noir’s. and a plethora of others.

For 2013 I believe it’s time again to visit some other western states and events, in addition to a few I really enjoy here in Oregon, pretty much listed above. Aspen Colorado has beckoned me for years to their wine and food event, and I believe this could be the year. Another event that I have longed to attend, I have finally put into motion and will be attending, the ZAP Wine 3 Day Event in San Francisco this year. For those of you not familiar with this one, it is all about Zinfandel, my passion.


I was unable to attend the St Francis Winery Zinfandel European Cruise this year because of a conflict. But I will not allow any conflict’s for the Zap this year, that you can count on. A funny thing, well actually serious, I was actually hired to write a magazine article on the Europe Wine Cruise, even thought I didn’t attend. After interviewing attendees, speakers as well as staff from the cruise line and St Francis Winery, I believe I will attend the next one for sure.


Another plan in the works is three weeks traveling Montana, and then Western Canada, and the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. No, not a wine tour of Montana silly ! Thats all Fly Fishing, but British Columbia, why thats wine and fly fishing both.

So, what wine events are you planning to attend in you world next year. With wineries and wine events in almost every state now, there is sure to be one happening in your neck of the woods. These events are almost always fun, not to expensive (usually), and a great way to socialize and learn about wine.

So ask around, or research your area, or where you will be traveling, and have a little fun. But above all, do it safely.

Stay Thirsty my Friends,


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