“Life is Good” if you make it so..

My birthday has come and gone again, celebrated with my wife a couple evenings ago. Although I don’t look at them as being very special anymore, when I am able to spend it with my wife, it is always special. She had asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner somewhere special for the occasion. That was pretty sweet of her, along with the fact that IMO, there are only two restaurants worthy of that description in my whole county !


Instead I opted for a relaxing dinner at home, in front of the fireplace, with a bottle of Sparkling Wine from one of my favorite wineries, Argyle in the Oregon Willamette Valley. I just happen to have twenty or thirty of them in the wine cellar for emergencies like this.,

When asked what I wanted to have, my reply was simple, fresh Oregon Dungeness Crab. It’s in season, it’s my favorite, and its my choice, right ? Off she went to town returning later that day with a very large bag, containing, Oregon Dungeness Crab, Alaskan King Crab Legs, and a Lobster Tail ! Happy Birthday she says, with a big smile, as she explains they were all brought in fresh, and on sale, something she, like many other wives can’t resist.

I got a roaring fire going, water boiling, while she made a kick ass salad ! Just sayin. Clarifying butter, and getting my two Rottewiellers to calm down by the fire, while putting some “luv toons” on the sterio. With the Argyle on ice, I entered my inner sanctum, the wine cellar, for something for us to enjoy, pre sparkling dinner.

I came across a bottle of St. Francis Winery of Sonoma, California 2009 Wild Oak Chardonnay I had purchased on our last visit. Now, there are multiple rows of St Francis Zinfandels in there, because it is both of our favorite in the world. I rarely have any other wines from there, not because they aren’t fantastic, just that I have so many Chardonnay’s from other great wineries.


I remembered that while tasting at their winery, I had been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the nose and mouth of this oaked Chardonnay. It displayed the true expression of what a Chardonnay should exhibit, after a swirl, pear, honeydew and butterscotch on the nose. Following this it presented itself with crispness on the palate with peaches, apple and sudden zest of citrus note. The oak on both nose and palate was not overpowering and enough to enhance the flavor of this fine Chardonnay.

This was what I wanted at that moment, to enjoy while preparing the feast ahead of us. Bringing it from the cellar brought a smile and nod of approval from “The Boss”, and a quick chilling to the proper temperature of 47 degrees F., and off to the glasses for a toast, sip and swallow.

By the time (about a half an hour or so) the shellfish was ready to plate, we were at the end of that bottle of Chardonnay, and ready for the “bubbly” and dinner. Let it be said that when a plan comes together, the wines are at proper temp, the shellfish is cooked to perfection, and the best woman in the world is at your side,

Life is Good.



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I am a Freelance Writer / Photographer, writing travel related articles for international magazines, blogs and websites and my own published books.
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