Hey “Bubbles” what’s up your flute ?

Let’s face it, New Years Eve and Champagne are a married couple ! Who doesn’t associate celebrating New Year’s with the pop of a cork, the flow of the fizz (not really the correct result wanted” and a toast for a better new year. This year I believe all those things should and will be toasted and achieved as a goal of those living in the U.S, Europe, and many other parts of the world. However, I’m not going to talk politics, rather buzzing your eyebrows on bubbly !

Champagne and Sparkling's from my cellar

Champagne and Sparkling’s from my cellar

Since longer than anyone alive can remember, the Champagne Region of France has been creating that fantastic bubbly sip, and remains the only region in the world that can call it that, well, almost. In the peace agreement following WWII, a document was signed stating that the Champagne Region of France was the only region in the world that could call it Champagne. That “rule / law” has been challenged over the years, and the last agreement stated that certain wineries other than Champagne that had been producing way back when, would be grandfathered if they were still using their original labels.

In my humble opinion, I believe that any winery in the world that produces sparkling wine, in the Champagne Region method, exactly, should be able to call their sparkling wine Champagne, and label it with where it was produced. Therefore, if you wanted Champagne from France, you could distinguish it as such.

OK, did ya notice the bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator door ?

OK, did ya notice the bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator door ?

And then there is my standard answer to what wine you should drink for any special or non-special occasion. Drink whatever you damn well please if it taste good to you ! You may not like the taste of some expensive Champagne from France, Plus times are tough, and getting tougher. It’s all your decision, and IMO, you really don’t have to impress anyone. In my wine cellar, I do have some Champagne from France, some rather expensive bottles in fact, for very special occasions, because I can. However, I have rows of Sparkling Wines, from producers here in the United States that I feel satisfy my palate just as well at a fraction of the cost.

In my cellar, I have all varieties of Sparkling wine produced by Gloria Ferrer of Sonoma County, California. I visit this winery whenever possible to keep up my stock, as it is a crowd pleaser, and one of my FAV’s. I also stock my local Argyle Winery from the Willamette Valley Oregon, and have multiple bottles of their varieties in Sparkling Wine. Of note is that Wine Spectator just rated the Argyle Extended Tirage Willamette Valley 2002 Sparkling Wine as number 18 out of their Top 100 of the year, as well as their top choice for domestic Sparkling Wine. I might also add that the Argyle label is quite often seen being served in the White House.

Now you do have other excellent choices for the holidays, and especially New Years Eve. Mumm Napa, Iron Horse, Domaine Chandon, and many others. The bottom line is that having a few bottles of Korbel in my cellar has proved to be a life saver many times. For a very in-expensive bottle of Sparkling Wine, it tastes just fine, and is also excellent for use in your New Years Day morning Mimosa.

I hope I gave you some good suggestions for the upcoming holidays, and you in fact do give those eyebrows a “buzz”.

Clink Clink,


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