For Desert ? Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Ice Creme of course !

The day after Christmas and all through the house, wrapping paper, ribbons, empty wine bottles, wine glasses and a couple really tired looking Rottweilers !

But what a success it was too, with even the Rotties getting presents, new fancy bowls, hand made Christmas Cookies (silly if you ask me !), and dog breath mints (not silly at all).


My wife was thrilled this year when she opened her “JamBox” wireless speaker system, which I might ad if she reads this, I would also love ? Then there was the new Samsung 27 inch monitor I got her for being a good girl, and so she can continue to work hard and make us retirement monies 😉 But I thing more than anything she really really liked the San Francis Vineyards, Sonoma County Limited Edition 10 yo Tawny Port, signed, No. 155 of 420. You have to understand that St Francis Winery in Sonoma is my wife’s all-time favorite winery for her Zin’s. However, being that she is a “Port Hound”, a 10 yr Tawny by St Francis has just taken her over the edge.

Gary has done good this year !

Now as far as Gary, well I have to say that Marsha was quite exceptional this year also. You see, unknown to me, she had also realized that I had a great need for a 27 inch Samsung Monitor for work also, and I too received one for being a good boy.Besides that, on my top 5 list is the leather “messenger bag” that I have been dreaming about. Something that will just make my Travel Writing adventures easier, throughout the world. And then there was a bottle of the new “Mont Blanc” smelly stuff ! but I think that was for her own gain in the evening, if you get my drift.



So for the big event, Christmas Dinner, it was out to the Traeger Smoker Barbeque for 6 hours with a custom cut Prime Rib. WOW ! first of those I have done on this awesome barbecue, at 300 degrees, spraying with apple juice, stuffed with garlic, and overnight before in refrigerator, completely covered in Traeger Prime Rib Rub ! If you don’t have one of these, you would do yourself well to either go out and buy one, or become good friends with someone who owns one.

Wine with dinner consisted of two bottles of St Francis Old Vines, Tres Viejos Zinfandel. The first bottle was a 2006 and the second was a 2008. I will tell you that they were both most excellent, with the “06 being much milder, refined with an elegant softness, but still carrying layers of fruit. The “08 still carried the robustness of flavor scheme, with medium tannins, and a very smile provoking long finish.


And for dessert ? Why Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Ice Creme of course ! Silly ! The diet doesn’t start for another six days ! And of course, theres New Years Eve coming, story to follow.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and looking forward to a joyous New Years filled with lots of kisses, from your “significant other” of course !

Clink Clink,


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