“Wait for it”..wait for it !

I have made a rather large decision to finally fill the void in my heart that was put there when my 11 yo Yellow Lab Bailey passed away earlier this year. It wasn’t an easy decision, when you consider the fact that I still have two 130 pound Rottweilers running around the house, and maybe its time to go leaner? But then there is the fact that I travel a great deal, air and land, and Bailey was my “travel dog” that went with me all over the west coast, on the job. It’s just not the same anymore, and rather lonely without a companion, well, except when my wife travels with me, and even then we both miss that little softy with the deep coal black eyes.

So after much thought and of course checking out a whole bunch of breeds at a major dog show recently, we narrowed it down to two breeds, Bernese Mountain and Cavalier King Charles. I know, your thinking, two ends of the spectrum Peterson! The love of large dogs has been with me since my early childhood years, however, traveling in an RV along with the increase in flying to destinations has made me think twice. Both of these breeds have the qualities I look for, however, one has won out against the other. Time for a change.


I am now seeking a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and a new puppy.

The wife and I are heading for the Oregon Coast for three days encompassing New years, to relax, visit the spa, relax by the fireplace, and watch for wales. However, a side trip is planned, to Portland Oregon to visit a breeder, and four little puppies born on Christmas Day. How exciting!

Waking up at 4 AM this morning as I do quite often, with an idea for a story, I was intrigued by the fact that this morning wasn’t just a story, but a literary adventure. I’m a Travel Writer by profession, so what if I started a whole new blog about the “Travels of ___.? My little King Charles? My plan is to take this little guy or gal, wherever I go, throughout the U.S. and Canada, Asia, Europe, South America, etc. because I can. Heck, I even dreamed that I took the little dude or dudette on the dive boat while diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, something already in the plans.

And just think what a hit this little one will make on my wine trek, events, wineries, and adventures. The friends he or she will meet, and I’m talking about the “Wine Dogs” you meet at pretty much all wineries.

And then there is that other part of my dream, one that is re-occuring. What if I decided to try my hand at a “children’s book”  about the “Travels of ____.?

“Wait for it”..wait for it !

I just love to have something to be excited about for the new year, instead of thinking about April 15th and frickin taxes for a change!

Cheers All,


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I am a Freelance Writer / Photographer, writing travel related articles for international magazines, blogs and websites and my own published books.
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