To take a Danube River Wine Cruise..or Not

I have recently been giving the thought of what larger trips I will make over the next couple of years, being larger international travel takes careful planning, for your time, as well as your money. As of yesterday, the plan was taking a trip this June into Montana, and then heading up into Wine Country British Columbia for two weeks, tasting fine wine, and doing some fly fishing. Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Cruise Ship

Then yesterday I see on Facebook, that St Francis Winery, in Sonoma California is sponsoring another river cruise, “Great Capitals & Vintages of the Danube”, something I have wanted to do forever. Ten days starting in Prague and ending in Budapest, with many exciting stops along the way, along with the best wines and food money can buy!

All my previous plans disappeared! soon as I ran this by the wife.

Then we started really looking into this outstanding adventure. It looked like an adventure of a lifetime, expensive, but dollar for dollar, worth every dollar. The adventures, the towns, castles and wine tours spectacular. Until we researched what the weather is like in that area in the middle of November. 32 F at night, 38 F during the day. All of a sudden, the idea of a river cruise on the Danube River, in the winter cold, doesn’t sound so great. I mean, the river cruise vessel is brand new, with awesome suites, each with two balconies, which I would never enjoy!

I researched the company, AMA Waterways and found that all of the river cruises are between October and March, which makes me think it has to do with river water levels? Although this doesn’t appear to bother most people, evident by their selling out their last years wine cruise with St Francis, for me there is only one thing that comes to mind.

My idea of fun..shorts

My idea of fun..shorts

I can’t see the fun in spending $10,000 for a couple weeks in Europe with my wife, and being cold and wet, even if I am guaranteed a permanent “buzz”.

Now I’m on a new mission this weekend, planning instead a month in Europe, during a warmer time of year, and planning out my own wine adventure, ..

in shorts and sandals

Cheers all,


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2 Responses to To take a Danube River Wine Cruise..or Not

  1. Two factors worth considering are 1) it’s less crowded with tourists during their low season, and 2) European cities going into the holidays are amazing, especially if you are into Christmas. Being warm and dry is a priority, of course, which is why I bought the warmest raincoat I could find for my wife. Buen viaje!

  2. Agreed my friend, low tourist season is always a plus. On my past visits to Europe, I tried to stay in the Sept and October time (especially when including a few days at Octoberfest in Munich). I just so enjoy the use of a beautiful balcony on my cruises, and having to be “bundled up” in rain gear ? well, I suppose the wine would help. Thanks for the comments, appreciated. Travel safe.

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