Not asking you to support your local gunfighter!

With the arrival of great weather, something well appreciated here in Southern Oregon nearing the beginning of summer months, brings a slew of wine events to Oregon also. Not that I’m complaining, but I really have to make some heavy decisions as to which event I will attend this year, and which I can’t. Such a hard decision I assure you.

Wine Tasting at Abacela Winery

Wine Tasting at Abacela Winery

I’m firmly aware of this task as I sit here at my desk this morning, ready to confirm my attendance at the Melrose Vineyards Wine Club Appreciation Cookout this Saturday evening. Sounds superb doesn’t it? as it should. I really do my best to attend all the events at Melrose Vineyards, one of our local wineries, and also very good friends of mine. Their events are most excellent, and as for being Wine Club Members, they really take care of you. If you live in a winery area, you owe it to yourself to join a winery or ten, because their events are always well worth it.

I anticipate an excellent meal prepared by my good friend and owner, Wayne Parker, who not only owns and puts his blood sweat and tears into the wine business, but also is a damn fine cook too! On the agenda for us Wine Club Members is two different style pork ribs served with all the fixings. The wine will flow, and as always, theres a selection of hops available for those not into fine wine, but rather working on the ol’ beer gut.

Cody Parker, Melrose Vineyard Winemaker's "evil professors lab"

Cody Parker, Melrose Vineyard Winemaker’s “evil professors lab”

This is one of the finest wineries for entertainment in Southern Oregon, IMO of course. Coming up on July 7th for instance is just about the best all you can eat Crab Fest held there every year. Great wine, great fresh dungeness crab and great friends, hey! what else is there.

Now I’m not saying they are the only game in town, not by a long shot. Quite a few wineries in Douglas County offer events for holidays as well as for their wine club members. Abacela Vineyards and Winery is another most excellent winery with events that will blow you away, and their wines are the cats meow.  Henry’s Winery is not only one of the oldest wineries in Oregon, but produces fine wine and a great time.

A Melrose Vineyard event for Wine Club members

A Melrose Vineyard event for Wine Club members

So I’m not asking you to support your local gunfighter, but I am asking that you support your local wineries. There’s nothing quite like home grown, U.S. products, and not many make you feel as good as wines produced in this great country of ours.

What a lead in for the 4th ? 🙂

Cheers all,


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