When I die, I will come back as a puppy!

Father’s Day 2013 found me in one of my happy places, of which I have many. This year, it was on one of my favorite golf courses, in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. My wife who is a regular golf partner, long term, as well as one of my early instructors, took me here for the day. However, we weren’t alone, as our newest edition to the family, Oliver tagged along.

Oliver enjoying the golf course with his Dad

Oliver enjoying the golf course with his Dad

I’m not sure just how many golfers would consider taking a dog golfing, never mind one only 12 weeks old, but we did. After all, Oliver is to be my travel dog, anywhere on the planet, so every experience is a good one for both of us.

So there we are, loading our clubs into the cart, and trying to find a good place to attach the flexible travel crate containing Oliver. We finally decide on the basket behind our heads, supported by our golf bags. Sweet. As we drove out to the first t-box, I heard little noises coming from the crate, and was thrilled to see the little guy looking around all excited.

Ahhhh..lunch arrives

Ahhhh..lunch arrives

Each time I exited the cart on my way to the white pins with my driver, I could see Oliver watching intently. He really seemed fascinated. I’m thinking that bringing this little guy with me was the right thing to do, not only for him, but myself as well. You see, if you own a dog, you know how they can relax you. This puppy totally relaxes me, so between every shot and I held him and talked to him, there was an effect which transferred to my clubs.

I had one of the best golf games I have had in a whole lot of years. A miracle for sure, after a few holes, my drives straightened out, increased distance by at least 70 yards, and I felt 20 years younger, like I used to play at Torrey Pines in Del Mar. That good.



Oh, wait a minute. There is also one more factor, my wife. As usual, she saw some things in my stance at address of the little white ball to, and I made corrections based on her advice. Just in case she reads this, I want to give her the credit she deserves, so next year, maybe she will again take me golfing on the day.

Oliver watching over me, making sure I don't lie about my scorecard

Oliver watching over me, making sure I don’t lie about my scorecard

All in all, a delightful day on the course, followed by awesome steaks on the Traeger and a superior bottle of wine. I can hardly wait for next year..well actually I can.

Cheers all, hope your day was at least as much fun,


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