It’s easy to sit on your ass and wait for a handout

It’s easy to sit on your ass and wait for a handout, or for some employer to discover you, or for your “Big Break” to fall in your lap. However, rarely does something like that happen, especially to me. My whole life I have made things happen, taken chances, gone out on a limb one might say.

There goes the job!

There goes the job!

Not that long ago, well OK, three years ago, when I realized my profession as a Real Estate Broker was entering the Crapper Zone, I could have sat around like all those sad  realtors of the world, paying fee’s and waiting for the phone to ring. Today they are either not realtors anymore, dead, or still waiting for the ring.

I decided to make a change in my life and get into something cool, the wine business. I almost had my pastures planted in Tempranillo grapes by one of the local successful wineries, but decided at the last fart to can that idea. Hell, I would be married to the land and never search out my dreams. Instead after much research and planning, I decided to become an e-Commerce businessman, by developing an on-line website for Oregon wines.

Lets grow Tempranillo!

Lets grow Tempranillo!

On my site I would offer select wines from area wineries, with extensive descriptions of their wines, wineries, events, etc. A wine blog was also in the making, and as I started creating partnerships with many week known wineries here in Oregon, I would IMO add their finest wines to the website. Tis business model opened many doors for me, and I started attending major wine events around the United States, and writing about them for my blogs. Then I started getting requests to write articles for other blogs and then magazines, both print as well as on-line magazines.

Before long, I found my wine gig had segwayed into a Freelance Writing gig.


Funny how things can morph themselves if you put some time and money into them. Within a short time, I found myself writing more and more articles for the travel industry, not just because I travel quite a bit, but also because I could write about travel and wine. Before long I found myself being contacted to write on just about anything, from surfing in Sumatra, Scuba Diving in Hawaii, Fly Fishing in New Zealand to renting an exotic Lamborghini in Europe.

Yes..I have surfed, dived, fly fished, and owned a Porsche, so the background was there.

UuuuLaLa! Sweet looking Porsche!

UuuuLaLa! Sweet looking Porsche!

I guess my moral to this story is that if you want to, you can take your past, present and dreams, and use them to create a brand new you. You may not make a fortune, at least not right away, but you can earn a living if you don’t sit on your ass and wait for it to arrive. I have re-invented myself at least fifteen times so far. I know for a fact that I would have been successful had I planted those grapes, but not as happy as I am right now.

So find your passion, dreams, and future because they are out there, waiting for you.

So endeth the lesson for the day,


PS- Here’s a link to the wine site, just to prove my point

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I am a Freelance Writer / Photographer, writing travel related articles for international magazines, blogs and websites and my own published books.
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