A Visit to the “Red Planet” for a Winery Music Event

If you follow my blogs you know that I am a huge proponent of supporting your local wineries, not only for their wines but also for the events they sponsor and have at their wineries. I travel throughout the Pacific Northwest to attend as many of these as I can, and always find it difficult to attend all that I would wish to. Recently I had the extreme pleasure of re-visiting one of my favorite wineries, as well as the couple that own it.

Music at Marsh Anne Landing Winery

Music at Marsh Anne Landing Winery

Marsh Anne Landing in Oakland, Oregon was opened by Greg and Fran Cramer in the late 1990’s, and today produces some of the finest Syrah and Rhone style wines I have tasted. During the past few years Greg has begun bottling one of my most favorite, if not the favorite un-oaked, stainless steel Chardonnay. It is no joke when I tell Greg that he needs to produce more, because when I run low in my wine cellar, my wife is not happy.

Now on to the event. The Cramer’s host musical events throughout the year, from classical, jazz, blues to an evening with “The King” Elvis himself. When the Cramer’s had their tasting room, event center, art gallery designed and built, it was done for its acoustics.

Awesome Sax Player

Awesome Sax Player

The event I attended on June 30th was performed by well known classical guitarist Craig Einhorn, accompanied by saxophone and bass guitar. Although classically trained, he is influenced by spending time in Argentina, and it was quite enjoyable. It’s not a large venue, as we comfortably seated about thirty attendees, each enjoying the mesmerizing sounds that these artists produced. We all of course accompanied the music with sips from our favorite Marsh Anne Landing wine. Before the event the Cramer’s produced a lovely spread of appetizers, including my favorite, shrimp and cocktail sauce. During the first break another offering of desserts, with again one of my all-time favorites, chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy!

I just can’t think of a much more enjoyable way to spend a hot summer afternoon, than in the company of such appreciative people, listening to fantastic artists, in air conditioning, sipping a spectacular chilled Chardonnay. There’s also a lot to be said to supporting a couple with a dream, to bring the classical arts of music to the Douglas County, Southern Oregon, country folk.

Guitarist Craig Einhorn

Guitarist Craig Einhorn

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or ever find yourself traveling here, on the I-5 corridor of Oregon,  you should make a stop at this excellent winery. Visit them on line for wine or a good time, and their music event schedule. http://www.marshannelanding.com.

Please remember that these wineries don’t put on these events for money, but for the love of the arts and their wine sipping friends.



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