Sanctuary Belize Tour..Day #3, is belize for you?

Day three should prove to be very interesting I think, to all of us. It’s to be a laid back, relaxing day of Sanctuary Belize’s “Private Resort Island”, Sanctuary Caye, followed by a river boat trip, then dinner.

My Casita at Kanantik Resort

My Casita at Kanantik Resort

We start the day again with a wonderful breakfast at the Kanantik Resort, where we all have a chance again to talk between ourselves about yesterdays tour of the development. The question on everyone’s mind and lips this morning is, when do they sit us down and pressure us to sign our lives away.

Kanantik Casita Bedroom

Kanantik Casita Bedroom

First I would like to say a little more about our accommodations at the Kanantik Resort. They are first class, 5 Star, for a village resort in the middle of nowhere. Our casita’s are clean, well appointed, air conditioned, with a total wide open feeling. Great walk in closet with a safe I might ad, and a beautiful private bath with a shower that feels like it’s outside. The beach and water are a few steps away from your front door, and grounds are always immaculate.

So, during breakfast, we are introduced to the new Sustainability Guy, Frank Connelly. If I was ever doubtful about the seriousness of this whole undertaking of a community within five eco systems, I no longer am. This guy is an expert, the real deal. He explained how only months earlier he was asked to come and check out these eco systems for himself, and confirm they were real. He was so blown away, he was offered a position and accepted it, and is now in charge of the whole sustainability program, as well as tying up the boat at the dock.

We arrive at the dock on Sanctuary Caye

We arrive at the dock on Sanctuary Caye

Frank talked about things like re-use of waters whether from showers or black water, with a new system that processes and uses this purified water back to the ground flora, fauna and trees. Advanced energy saving cooling systems, solar and wind power, and so much more. Very exciting.

Relaxing in the warm waters on Sanctuary Caye.

Relaxing in the warm waters on Sanctuary Caye.

So we then proceeded to the boat for our half an hour voyage out to the private island they call Sanctuary Caye. Arriving there we were greeted and escorted to the other side, where a tiki bar was set up, and employees were busy on the grills preparing lunch. As we all lounged about, some choosing to lay about in the clean warm tropical waters, we were informed that all of us were scheduled for a waterfront private massage. How sweet it is ! They were playing my song, a rum cocktail and a massage, now just where was this leading me?

We enjoyed quite a relaxing day, sipping cold beers, rum drinks, and enjoying a superb barbecue. So you may be asking yourself, is this it, really? just hanging around, swimming, snorkeling, eating and drinking all day, plus a massage.


Getting my massage..oh baby!

Getting my massage..oh baby!

I’m sure you will recognize the picture of the grass / bamboo hut in the water, just off the water. Looks like a great place to hang out with lunch or drinks, right? You can see this on the video playing on TV, advertising BuyBelize on FOX News and other channels. Well, I can tell you it isn’t used for that.


That bamboo hut in the water, is where Sanctuary Belize business is done. We each were called out there, and met with the SB representatives, Dave and Chad. Now I can tell you, I was expecting hard sell, at this point, after what we had been treated to so far. What they did was ask us how we were doing, what we thought of everything so far, and what we thought about about our lot and the possibility of becoming owners.

Sanctuary Belize Meeting Room

Sanctuary Belize Meeting Room

No hard line, no hard sale, they just wanted to get a feel of where we were in any decision making. They proceeded to explain how the process worked if we did decide to purchase a lot or two, with financing, down payments, and that they were willing to work out payment plans for most anything.  We ended with smiles, handshakes, and all positive vibes, telling them we loved everything so far, and were looking forward to taking another good look at our lot tomorrow, an then our decision.

That’s it my good readers. No pressure at all. Regardless of anything you might have heard or read, these people are above board, really nice, and in fact, are either already living there, or have purchased lots and are preparing to build themselves. At pressure for now. ;-))

I did hear that if you don't sign, you walk this trail back home?

I did hear that if you don’t sign, you walk this trail back home?

Day #4 coming soon..what will it bring?

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