Belize..The Final Frontier,,Day 4 of the Sanctuary Belize Tour

Day four on the Sanctuary Belize Tour brings mucho excitement to many of us, especially my wife Marsha and I. After breakfast we will be heading back out via boat to Sanctuary Belize, to spend a few hours visiting our lot SR87 in Sapodilla Ridge, along with viewing some of the other homes under construction.

Entering the Sanctuary Belize Marina

Entering the Sanctuary Belize Marina


I have to tell you that after totally enjoying our day relaxing on Sanctuary Caye yesterday, I al so anxious to get back to Sanctuary Belize. Today could vary well be the last time this year we visit our new home this year, if all goes right, and we make that decision today.

As the boat enters the marina, I realize that I can actually see the tops of the giant, 70+  year old trees on my building lot, in the tree line behind the marina. My heart is pumping as we pull up to the dock, clamoring off the boat, down the dock to awaiting 4×4’s. Today we will be accompanied by Chad and his assistant Pete, who will be taking us into the wooded lot, to trace the actual property lines. Chad is ever so impressive with his big ol’ machete..that we will soon see he needed.

My good friend Pedro, getting ready to head out to lots

My good friend Pedro, getting ready to head out to lots

Along with us on this day is another young man from Canada, Pedro, originally from Brazil, who was on the tour with us, looking at investment property. Pedro didn’t really like the lot he had reserved, unseen, so today he will be looking at another, one with more mature trees. We proceed to view Pedro’s lot first, with high hopes. Now you must imagine that we are now entering a massive thick woods, recently having a rough cut 4 wheel drive access road developed for it. Still muddy in spots, should we get stuck, it’s a long walk back to the dock. But no fear, we make it to the lot Pedro seeks.

The smile on his face tells the whole story to me, the moment he realizes we are in front of his new lot. That’s right, he falls in love with it immediately. After he gets a boots on the ground tour, his excitement overflows the vehicle, as we all realize, this will not only be an investment, but his home someday.


These are just some of the fantastic trees on our lot #87. In person..Un-frickin real.

These are just some of the fantastic trees on our lot #87. In person..Un-frickin real.

Now on to Lot 87, and the possibility of actually walking our entire wooded acre for the first time. As we turn a corner on the dirt road, and see the sign Lot87, the look on my wife’s face will remain in my memories for the rest of my life. It’s a corner lot, wooded with massive 70+ year old trees, Palms and all kinds of native hardwoods. W already know that on the other side is direct access to the Caribbean Ocean, with nothing in between.

Chad and Pedrro, heading up road to enter Pedro's new lot

Chad and Pedrro, heading up road to enter Pedro’s new lot

We are led by Chad or “Mr Machete” and his side kick, a native Belize worker, Pete who guide us through what can only be said to resemble a scene out of Indiana Jones. I actually caught myself humming the theme song. As Chad swung his blade, taking our monster vines from the path, Pete was describing the kinds of trees, and their approximate ages to us. At one spot on the trail, they both stopped, as Chad proceeded to tell me I was going to “crap my pants” when I say this tree. There is a magical, monster of a native tree with a massive canapé seemingly in the clouds, on our lot. Chad admits he has never seen one that large in Sapodilla, and he doubts he ever will.

The Bamboo House under construction

The Bamboo House under construction

After taking quite a bit of time, which included much hooting, hollering and cheering, we completed our inspection of the property. All we had to do was make a decision if indeed, this is where we would decide to build and live for the rest of our lives. Chad told us he would meet with us later that evening back at the resort, after dinner, and of course, cocktails, to find out our decision.

Entertainment room above a completed home.

Entertainment room above a completed home.

Next we proceeded to visit some of the homes being started, worked on, and some already completed. It was great to see that there were some already being lived in, and constructed, in the area of our lot87 (notice I said our).

We met up with the other 4×4’s back at the marina, and sadly boarded the boat for our final voyage back to Kanantik Resort, before our departure tomorrow morning. Arriving at the dock at Kanantik, we all got changed, then headed to the lunch hut for another delightful meal. After, we all agreed to jump into our suits and hit the pool, and poolside bar of course.

A new Riverfron Estates Home

A new Riverfron Estates Home

During the afternoon I watched as one by one each couple was escorted somewhere by one of the Sanctuary staff, to discuss their plans, and decisions. Surprisingly, some of the couples we had become friends with, who had no plans to buy a lot, had decided in fact to do just that. One couple who we knew were struggling to make the decision, mostly because of the need to totally trust the financial aspects of transferring all their 401k’s to Belize, still were undivided.

And then here comes Chad, with a large file folder and a smile. It’s our turn to talk about our decision, to invest in our future here at Sanctuary, or not. Remember, as we were told, and already experienced, there is no pressure to buy here. This development has enough interest and buyers arriving each week, to sell all the lots that will become available. The decision here, is whether my wife and I will buy this fine lot that we have experienced, or lose it forever.


You must understand that in our relationship, I am always the one that says yes, and my wife is always the one who says maybe, until she is absolutely positively sure its a good deal. There is never a “deadline” for her, because her vision is always, if not this one, there will always be a better one.


As we all sat down, my wife started with “We have decided to purchase the lot, where do we sign”?

The next morning during breakfast, as we talked to the other couples, and found that all but two had made the decision to purchase at least one lot. Even the couple hung up with the use of 401k mines, had been satisfied with what they learned, and were proceeding to become our neighbors.

Me greeting the Mayan Flight

Me greeting the Mayan Flight

As we boarded our flight from the Kanantik Resort private airstrip, we were overcome by sadness to leave, but confident and excited at what was to come. We had arranged with Chad, to have Pete and his crew start clearing underbrush and knurly smaller trees from our acre lot. This in anticipation of our return in February ’14, to layout the footprint of the custom home we will be starting construction on.

” So let it be written..So let it be done.” Ramsey’s III..Egypt

Cheers all.


PS- Look for my next series about my two weeks on Ambergris Caye and Caye Calker Islands, Belize.



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