Atlantic City Vacation on a Dime! Well, a dime back in the 20’s that is!

Experience the past and present “Boardwalk Empire” in Atlantic City, and walk away with cash still in your wallet!


Whether you have followed the hit HBO Show “Boardwalk Empire” or not, everyone has certainly heard of Atlantic City and it’s famous past. Some things have changed, while others have stayed the same. The hotels and casino’s are new; the boardwalk has been renewed, and it can be an expensive vacation or not, but the water and sand are still the same.


Do I get to meet :The Donald"??

Do I get to meet :The Donald”??


We are going to take a peak at this “gambling capitol” of the East Coast, vacationland for young and old, rich, famous and just ordinary folks looking for some fun. However, we are going to talk about how to have fun and not deplete your bank account while doing it.

The Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk


If you’re coming to Atlantic City for the gambling experience there are plenty of options for you on where to stay while here. Of course there are no shortages of high-class famous hotels on the Boardwalk, but you’ll pay for staying there. You might want to spend a little time shopping around for location and price with a great provider of hotels offering budget prices. Maybe staying somewhere close by in town, not on the Boardwalk, but close by is a better choice for multiple reasons.


Interesting fact: In 1921 the very first Miss America Competition was held in Atlantic City.

If your searching for hotels just off the boardwalk, you might want to search the Margate or Ventnor areas close by for your hotel. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find better room rates there, and it’s still a short drive of taxi to the boardwalk and casinos.

As far as what time of year is best to visit Atlantic City, fall is when rates will fall at the hotels along with the temperatures. If indoor sports and attractions is the name of your game, this time is best. You can plan on saving some bucks on rooms during winter months also, and other than the holidays, crowds will be gone with the sun too.

If you can make it happen, being here during the week and not weekends will offer you better access to restaurants, shows and gaming tables. Remember, for East Coasters especially from New York, this is an easy weekend destination.


Spend the day on the beach, riding the Ferris wheel, and maybe a hot dog for lunch?

Casino Hot Tip!

Casinos in Atlantic City are just as aware as they are in Las Vegas, to the fact that the more you consume alcohol, the more you are likely to spend gambling. That being said, when actively gambling is when you want to grab a cocktail waitress and order a drink, because it’s free. Just don’t forget her tip!

 Dining in Atlantic City can be a challenge to your wallet, so here are a few tips on where to eat, eats well, and save some money.

There are plenty of buffet’s to choose from, but if you want the best at a good cost to you, check out the buffet at the bigger more exclusive hotel/casinos like Trump Taj Mahal or Caesars Palace. You think we are talking big bucks here? That’s a matter of opinion, and depends on price and what quality food you are willing to eat. These hotels serve high quality food on their buffet table, usually overseen by their Executive Chef.


There’s no shortage of food on the boardwalk, and not only is it good, its cheap too!


Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and of course, slice pizza!

Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and of course, slice pizza!

If you don’t want the buffet line, and want to avoid the high dollar casino restaurants there is another excellent choice for a meal or two, Pizza! There are many small pizza stands on the boardwalk, and though not as eye appealing as Roberts Steakhouse in Trump Taj Mahal, the pizza is excellent! Remember, those who frequent Atlantic City come from New York and Philadelphia, two towns that know pizza.

Money Savings Tip.

 For traveling up and down the Atlantic City Boardwalk, there are trams available to you. Keep in mind that they are slow with frequent stops. An inexpensive alternative is the bus service that runs up and down Atlantic Avenue.

If you’re looking to see other attractions in Atlantic City that don’t require lots of cash and a table, there are some. Who doesn’t appreciate a good old historic lighthouse? Absecon Lighthouse is New Jersey’s oldest lighthouse, constructed back in 1855. You get to climb its 228 steps to the top for a very small fee, and it offers a nice view of Atlantic City.

You might also want to experience some of what the old days were like in 1920’s Atlantic City. Although the Ritz Carlton Hotel where the real Nucky Thompson from the Boardwalk Empire Series lived on it’s top floor is a now condo’s, you might want to check out the lobby. You can actually see the custom wood grand staircase that leads up to the original elevators surrounded by custom wood panel walls. It’s quite impressive, illuminates the mind, brings you back in time, and its free.

The Best Cotton Candy Anywhere!

The Best Cotton Candy Anywhere!

A visit to the Knife & Fork Inn located on the boardwalk, established back in 1912, has been renovated and restored to its old splendor. They advertise, “Nucky ate here, shouldn’t you”? Actually that’s a fact, the original sheriff, Nucky Thompson did eat there, and you might want to also. During Prohibition years, Nucky and his buddies Mayor Riddle and Commodore Keuhnle not only ate but also sipped their illegal “bootleg whiskey” here. It’s a nice place to experience some history, and maybe a burger and beer, and a lot cheaper than many places on the boardwalk.

Interesting fact: Lucy the Elephant is older than the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

A visit to Lucy the Elephant, the six-story historical landmark was constructed back in the late 1880’s is interesting and a sweet photo op. Believed to have been used to hang different color lights to warn smugglers if ok to bring in the booze or hang until the law was gone. And as you are right there, you might as well step next door to the oldest business on the boardwalk, James’ Salt Water Taffy established in 1880. This was also featured in the HBO series, and you can take a factory tour as well as a box of very first ever Atlantic City Boardwalk souvenir.




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