More $$$ for gambling? Eat Cheap in Laughlin!


Hitting it big inn Laughlin!

Hitting it big inn Laughlin!


Vacationing in any of the top vacation destinations depletes the wallet size quickly and efficiently, that’s their business and livelihood. If you’re heading to Laughlin, it’s probably to play some table games and or slots and the last thing you want is to spend all your vacation money in fancy expensive meals. What we hope to accomplish in this article is to show you some of the top choices of “good eats” at a nice friendly and cheap price.

Hot Tip: Fall and winter offers the best rates for visitors.


Fill up at the buffet and it can last you for hours, for cheap!

Fill up at the buffet and it can last you for hours, for cheap!

 Our first “cheap eats” visit is to the ever popular casino, the Tropicana” and it’s excellent Roundhouse Buffet. Now as most of us know, there are so so buffets and then there are great buffets. However everyone will agree, if you find a really good one, it’s a blast because it’s all you can eat! The Roadhouse is one of the good guys, featuring probably the best salad bar in town. It features Asian, American, Mexican and Italian foods.

Save more money in Laughlin, NV.

They have special buffets on different days, from the “All you can eat” Crab & Prime Rib Friday & Saturdays at a whopping discount price of $18.99. Try getting on plate of either of these for anywhere near that! Every day they run the breakfast buffet, again all you can eat for under $9 per person. Sunday thru Thursday the regular buffet, which is by no means “regular” is $10.99.

Every Saturday, Sunday and on holidays you should definitely jump in line for the Champagne Brunch. Bubble your way up to the bottomless gourmet buffet to build up your stamina for a day out on the town



What's better than a Champagne Brunch with your fine lady?

What’s better than a Champagne Brunch with your fine lady?






Wednesday of the month, and you are veterans, you will eat for free in the buffet. Just be sure to have proof of service to get your “veterans card” at the Club Desk.

Waiting in line for their free buffet!

Waiting in line for their free buffet!


Let’s take a look at a local favorite, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in the Edgewater Casino for a cheap lunch or dinner. Most visitors will opt for a burger at Mac’s or some other “fast food” but after a while that can get old! In fact, the way prices have inched up over the years; it’s not really a bargain after all. This sandwich shop serves quality meats and cheese, not the “mystery meat” you can get elsewhere. If eager for “the Bomb”, you should try their Cheese Steak Sandwich”, which you’ll find the best in show in this gambling town.Be ready for some long lines, but as we all realize, long lines usually means great food inside.

Sink you teeth into this baby, morning, noon or night!

Sink you teeth into this baby, morning, noon or night!

Cheap thrills in Laughlin: Take a free train ride throughout the Tropicana Express Hotel/Casino in a reproduction steam train. Did we say it was free? Yep!

If you decide to take a break from the casinos and see some of the town and maybe do some shopping have we got the place for you? How would you like some shopping time and the chance to sample the best slice of pizza in Laughlin? How would you like that slice or whole pie to be the best price in town?

Mia’s Pizza at the Outlet Mall in the Food Court will be you noon or evening destination, and put a smile on your wallet and on your face. The thin slices or whole pie comes on paper, because this is a “no fancy frills” king of place. After all, you’re here for the pizza, not the music and photo’s of Rome on the walls. You can get a single slice for around $2, a 12 inch for $7.99 or 16 inch for $13.99. Traveling with kids? BAM! You just scored.


When you see this sign, time for a hard brake and a fast & cheap meal!

When you see this sign, time for a hard brake and a fast & cheap meal!

If you are not from the east coast, or visiting from another country, if there’s one “burger joint” that stands out above all others in the U.S., it’s “In and Out Burger”. If you have eaten there before, you know what we mean when we say “now that’s a burger”! This is like stepping back in time to the 50’s, the Rockettes, Buddy Holly and Elvis. The menu is quite simple, burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes and soda pop, that’s it. But, there’s just something about the burgers that makes them taste so very good.


Drive through or wait in line, it’s all worth it for this burger. And if you are trying to keep the waistline down, try their double-double cheeseburger without a bun, just wrapped in lettuce. Whether it’s the two of you or six it’s still cheaper than any restaurant on casino row.

Now let’s address the adults visiting Laughlin and where to save some money on food and drinks. Everyone should know that “happy hour” prices beat restaurant and bar prices every way possible. One of the favorite local hang out’s for after work happy hour is Buffalo Wild Wings. This is a Sports Bar with multiple large screen-TV, has an excellent beer menu, and awesome wings. During Happy Hour they offer discounted drinks and half price appetizers. Of course if traveling with children, they are welcome in the restaurant, and no matter what, this is still cheaper than dining in a casino restaurant.

Finally let’s take a look at a great “cheap dining opportunity” on the river at the Cove Bar and Lounge, located at the Aquarius Resort Casino. This outside lounge is overlooking the River Walk and river offers appetizers from 4-9 PM, as well as drink deals. In fact if you are a frequent flyer at the casino and have a green or red “Ace Card” you can get two free cocktails and a free appetizer. Another plus is this outdoor lounge is completely smoke free.

Money Saving Hint!

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