Belize Vacation in a Beachfront House Rental in Placencia

I just returned from three awesome weeks in the Central American country of Belize. Most people have heard of Belize, with all the exposure it’s been getting recently as a vacation or Expat destination. Average temperatures staying in the 80’s all year long, awesome beaches, fantastic scuba diving and fishing. And then there’s the food! Don’t get me started!

civiche     Fresh conch ceviche

I’ve vacationed in Belize multiple times, and in fact have bought a building lot overlooking the Caribbean, with plans to build my final home and visions of retirement in this tropical paradise. This adventure begged for more discovery in the nearest village of Placencia, which is closest to my new home. I really wanted to get to know what was there for services, groceries, supplies, restaurants and of course beach bars.

The home I rented was via VRBO, and as I have done so many times before, I researched every possibility on-line. I made my decision from photo’s and previous guests reviews. And, like my previous house rentals, I wasn’t disappointed. The house was described as open-floor design, one level, with all amenities, large wooden decks, and it’s own private beach directly on the Caribbean. And it was all that and more.

The rental house in Placencia

The rental house in Placencia

Another excellent feature was it’s location, at the end of the world famous walkway that stretches through town. Rumored to be the narrowest street in the world, this sidewalk is foot traffic only, and offered us access to everything in town, by sandals. Being able to walk to the store for beer, to restaurants, bars and shops and not having to rent a golf cart (the main mode of travel in Belize) was awesome.

And then there was the beautiful deck, privacy and two most excellent hammocks, begging each morning for my body with a cup of joe.

For a week and a half, I became so much more at home in Placencia, meeting new people, as well as getting together with contractor/ builders there in the search for that right professional to build my dream home. And the fun thing about this process which in the us is done in a sterile office? I did it in a beachfront bar having an ice cold cocktail ! Business is done in a casual fashion, over a beer or whatever, in shorts, sandals or no shoes at all. After all, the motto of Belize is “No shirt, No shoes, No problem man”.

Looks like dinner is ready

Looks like dinner is ready

Other super facts are that in Belize, everyone speaks english, they accept the U.S. dollar, and you get to eat fresh fruit and vegetables all year long. Also, fresh seafood all year long, with conch, lobster and shrimp being the main staples. And then there is stewed chicken and bakery goods, ok, I’m getting hungry for my Belizean food already! Time to plan another visit.

Placencia has the best beaches in Belize, Time to catch up on your tan ?

Placencia has the best beaches in Belize, Time to catch up on your tan ?

You can’t go wrong with a visit to this beautiful country, whether you rent a beachfront home, or stay in one of the excellent resorts on the mainland or Ambergris Caye. If you really want to relax, plan your stay, or part of it on Caye Caulker Island. But wait! Let’s hole off on those two destinations until my next blog or three in this series.

No Worries man,


On Caye Caulker Island

On Caye Caulker Island

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