Belize Vacation in a Beachfront House Rental in Placencia

The first in my series of posts about my recent 3 weeks in Belize. If your thinking about a vacation destination, forget Costa Rica, Belize is closer, cheaper, and much more fun.


I just returned from three awesome weeks in the Central American country of Belize. Most people have heard of Belize, with all the exposure it’s been getting recently as a vacation or Expat destination. Average temperatures staying in the 80’s all year long, awesome beaches, fantastic scuba diving and fishing. And then there’s the food! Don’t get me started!

civiche     Fresh conch ceviche

I’ve vacationed in Belize multiple times, and in fact have bought a building lot overlooking the Caribbean, with plans to build my final home and visions of retirement in this tropical paradise. This adventure begged for more discovery in the nearest village of Placencia, which is closest to my new home. I really wanted to get to know what was there for services, groceries, supplies, restaurants and of course beach bars.

The home I rented was via VRBO, and as I have done so many times…

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