Belize..Is It Your Final Destination

Greetings All,

I’m excited to announce the release of my new eBook,

My new book about moving to Belize, released 5/4/2015

My new book about moving to Belize, released 5/4/2015

Belize..Is It Your Final Destination, now available on all readers, including Kindle, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and many more. This is a informative book on making an informed decision on moving to Belize, not your usual guide book, talking about ruins, diving, where to eat, and resorts, instead about your upcoming visit. Where to visit in Belize, what to bring, about the different area’s, where to relocate, and above all, what to and how to research before going so you don’t spend time and money traveling to a region you don’t like.

There are many different regions where you can visit, and possibly relocate to for retirement, or just investment or vacations. Jungles, beaches, Islands, Inland, waterfront, Retirement Communities, condo’s and many more choices. I try to take the guesswork out, so you can decide and plan the perfect visit to Belize.

This book is based on my own personal experience of researching before I actually decided to visit Belize, and check out the various destinations within this beautiful country myself. My goal, to see if Belize was the right decision for my retirement destination.

In my case, I found an area and community that I fell in love with.

I hope you do too.

Hope you take the opportunity to read my book, and make an informed decision to visit this awesome country for yourself, and who knows, maybe become a neighbor.And the best part is, it’s not going to break the bank, because it’s only $3.99 😉

May all your trails be happy ones,


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I am a Freelance Writer / Photographer, writing travel related articles for international magazines, blogs and websites and my own published books.
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