The Journey to Belize Begins

As I awoke this morning at 5 AM from a dream soon to become a reality, I realized no matter how efficiently I packed for this trip, it wouldn’t be enough. You see, a few weeks ago I purchased my first “one-way” ticket to Belize City. I can’t really explain the feelings I have had over the past few weeks as the countdown continued, but as the days grew smaller, the internal anxiety grew larger. What to pack and take with you, what to leave and what to ship later are major decisions. From taking to other Expats already in Belize, there is no correct answer or choice.


The Placencia Peninsula, Belize, Central America, our new home.

Possibly the worst of this venture right now is leaving my wife Marsha behind in Oregon, as she isn’t ready to retire yet. However, I do believe in the back of her mind, one incident would bring the words “I Quit !”. As we sold our ranch and moved into the country in a golf course / RV resort with a large 5th wheel, she will be quite comfortable for a while, at least the year or so that it takes to get the Belize house completed for her to move down to.

Everything seems to be in play and most plans in action. We opened a savings account with Atlantic Bank, International to transfer funds for our build and purchases. Really didn’t take to long in “Belize Time”, like two months. Wasn’t so much the time it took, as the hoops needed to prove to Belize banking system, what the money was for. After letters from our banker in the states and my physician, they realized we weren’t drug or money traffickers, and we got the account. Wiring monies to Belize is another challenge, as it takes from 5-7 days before it shows up in your Belize account, and you can use it. Anyone planning to build and move to Belize needs to realize this. After a few more weeks we received by DHL service, our “on-line” banking number and log on info for on-line banking. This was actually pretty cool, as they send a device that generates a passcode every time you want to log onto your account.



View of our lot from the water, wooded, left of the white house

Our initial “builder”, Kevin in Placencia is ready to go as soon as I get there, building our house and pier. Wait one! Let me clarify, he is ready to start once the Central Banking Authority approves our house plans. It seems that the project takes some time, from a couple months and up to six months or more. Our home design plans were expertly created by our licensed and registered Architect at New Horizon Architecture also in Placencia.

They have had our house plans for over two months. No word at this moment.


View of the land after clearing, ready for houses

So, on to the next part of the story, where do, I plan to live during the construction of our home in Belize. The answer, I rented a cabana in Maya Beach for three weeks. By the end of that three weeks, the 20 x 20 ft open plan cabana being built by local Mennonites should be finished and transported onto our beach lot. We decided to go with one of these cabanas, because they have a great reputation for their units, build plenty of them, and very in-expensive. The reason for that is the company we are using, Linda Vista, is part of a lumber yard business. They build so many, everything that goes into it they buy in bulk, therefore a reflection of lower cost to us. The day they were waiting for my deposit wire to arrive, they actually sent a photo to us of the ground floor of the cabana! I knew I was going to like these guys, and can’t wait to see this thing. Will have awesome Belize hardwood floors and ceilings, (cathedral), and a large fully covered deck on it.


Our Cabana being built

It will also be interesting to see how they transport it on a flatbed truck, about 70 miles, and place it on twelve, 6 ft high posts? Pics and video of that coming in the next post.

My plan is to continue to update you all on the next year, covering everything in the process after my arrival to Placencia Airport. Construction, getting appliances, ceiling fans, custom furniture, food, and settling into our new country.

I hope to enlighten you with our story, so you can experience what it takes to completely relocate to Belize, in case you already plan to, or are interested in the endless possibilities of living your dreams.


Warmest Regards,












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