And so it begins, I arrive in Placencia, Belize


The date finally came and as I boarded the American Airlines flight on a “one way” ticket to Placencia, Belize, I have to admit my stomach was churning. Leaving family and friends behind was bad enough, but leaving Marsha and my pup Oliver was heart-wrenching, to say the least. Over and over I reminded myself of a saying heard in many movies, “Daddy is going ahead to prepare a new home and life for you”.


You mean I’m not going with you, Daddy ?

My flight and plane change in Dallas International went as well as expected, is that I had a four-hour layover at 4 AM. I arrived in Belize City, and within half an hour was in the air on a small prop Mayan Air flight to Placencia. As I clambered off the plane and my sandals hit the tarmac, the realization that I was home hit me.  I was there to accomplish one thing, to be the “pioneer dad”, get the home built, outfit it with everything needed for my family to live for all time, at least, all my time 😉


Oh Crap! is all this going to fit in my golf cart?

As I loaded up my rental golf cart from Barefoot Rentals, with the 5 mega bags I brought, my excitement began building. I was off to my little rental cabana for three weeks until the Mennonite cabana I was having built arrived on my beach lot. Once it was, and Kevin hooked up all my utilities, I would move in and live there until our home was complete. More on that process later.

As I drove my overloaded golf cart up the dirt road to my rental cabana in Maya Beach, I thought to myself, this road looks familiar. Arriving I was stunned and excited to see the rental was across the road from my builder and friend Kevin’s house. The cabana wasn’t as exciting, beautiful and beachfront as other rentals we have had here on the peninsula, but it answered my basic needs. Out of the weather, shower, bed, stove fridge, electric, internet, close to my beachfront lot in Maya Beach, and cheap! After all, our money needed to go to building our dream home, not to an extravagant rental for three weeks, and this definitely wasn’t that.


It is what it is, that’s all it is, said Popeye 😉

The next very important task at hand and my first order of business was securing a permanent ride for the peninsula, in other words, a set of my own wheels. We had really looked at the possibility of shipping a newer vehicle down via the QRP retirement program here in Belize, with its “duty-free’ capabilities. Then Marsha and I came to the sudden realization that maybe we didn’t need to buy a car at all. If we had something like a UTV to drive around the peninsula, we could just rent a car if we need to go to the “big city”. This made sense, and we looked at shipping a Polaris down in our shipping container. And then I say a Facebook post from a couple guys in Maya Beach, announcing they were now distributers for “Beach Buggies”. The photos showed multiple units, from Razor like to similar to our Mule. After much research on this newer vehicle from China, I decided to take a good look at it when I got to Maya Beach.


They call it the Brahma, I call it “My Little Bull”

The afternoon of my arrival I met with Barry from Beach Buggies, checked out the “Brahma”, took a test drive, called my wife and said, “wire the funds, we have our vehicle”. There are so many reasons why this was a great idea, and they’re really weren’t any things I would need to add to it. Automatic, mega on and off rod lights, wench, and a dump bed that dumps with a push of a button. Plus, its bright red! And wait till you hear this, the top speed in this 4×4 that is now named “The Bull”, is 70 mph!

And so the story continues. Next, you’ll get a sneak peek of the Cabana, and preparation of the beachfront lot.

Until my next post, may your dreams become your reality, remembering, only you can make that happen.









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