As a new Expat living in we find stuff !

           The ongoing story of relocating to Belize, Central America, and building our new home.


More like the “Beach less traveled” 😉


The road definitely “less traveled” by me of not only moving to Belize, moving into a small cabana, and being here during the construction of our final home, does have challenges. Trust me when I say it’s not all walking the beautiful beaches, eating fresh seafood, and sipping exotic rum cocktails, or a cold Belikin and sushi every day, but close.


Although more rarely these days, fresh sushi and a couple Belikins at the Tipsy Tuna in Placencia.


The fact many call Belize and most of Central America “3rd world countries”, and no matter how improved the internet service, sewer, electric and phone service becomes, it still is. As I have traveled much of the globe and experienced first hand what poverty, corruption, crime, and war can do to countries, everyone needs to realize how frickin good you have it in the U.S. and Canada.

First of all, if you wake up one morning and have a desire for a Starbuck coffee, or what to shop for specific designer shoes, what do you do? You Google them, right? You not only can find just about anything you might want on your smartphone and Google, and oh boy, there’s probably 100 places nearby to buy them.


“South of Bistro”?

When our cabana was dropped on the property, my builder had arranged for electricity to be installed and turned on, if you remember that fiasco. But when it came time to receive a bill, I didn’t, for three months! Finally, I googled “Placencia Belize Electric Company”, and found nothing. I had to call my builder and ask where it was. Same for the water company, who after four months still has not sent me a bill, and I need to address. And on the term “send”, there is no mail delivery, because there is no physical address for my home! When I paid my electric bill, I noticed the “address” they had for my cabana was “a couple lots south of Maya Beach Bistro:?

There are many other things we take for granted in the U.S. that I continue to realize I will never experience here in Belize, and actually, I’m pretty happy about it. Over the past few months, I needed to find specific things. Coconut palm and fruit trees, ceramic 5-gallon water base,  picture frames, veterinarian services, plant fertilizer, dog watchers, and so many other things, I couldn’t locate on the internet. So where did I find them?


Facebook is where Belize lives, with many “groups” set up to help everyone out, with anything. I belong to some specific Facebook Groups for Expats, as well as one of my favorites, Placencia Classified, where I can find stuff for sale, and ask locals where to find something. Not only do I hear immediately suggestions from other Expats, but also locals, and it has become one of the best “friend builders” I could hope for.


Found this Mexican water cooler bottom on Facebook at Mayan Pride here in Stann Creek. Had the beautiful Belizean hardwood base made by a local artisan I found.


One thing I have found out is the fact that on these sites, many people answer questions that fit their own purpose and agendas. Being directed to their own business or partnership, or friends. Now that may be all well and good, and I try to take good with bad, but sometimes it’s very obvious something doesn’t pass the “smell test”. More an more when I ask for advice I receive “IM”s” telling me to ignore and stay away from specific people on the site and their “advice”. I have found that this can be very helpful in eliminating my “gut feelings”. It’s the answer to what I call “Online Dating “truth dilemmas”.

The bottom line is here in Belize, you may never find everything you think you want, but if it’s available, your “village” will help you find it.

Refreshingly like going back in time, isn’t it?

Cheers everyone, will talk soon,


The Pirate …..Gary





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