The Building of our New Home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes, sometimes Ugly.

It truly is beginning to look like a finished house !


stained fooring

Hardwood siding stained and ready to go up on outside.

The tongue and groove hardwood siding is now completely up on the entire house. Before they put the siding up they did a first coat of stain.  After the wood was installed, the guys painstakingly went over every inch of every board, sanding off rough spots. They then went over every inch of every board a 2nd time, with filler and plugged any imperfection, which was then sanded smoothly to prepare for the next coat of stain.

stained outdoorroom


The guys then did a very detailed 2nd coating of white paint on the upper board under roof, getting ready for gutter installation.


Ceiling received a 2nd coat of white paint.

Meanwhile the guys are finishing applying the final layer of cement to the entire concrete understructure, in preparation for the white painting to follow. Let me tell you, this has been some kind pf process! They went over all concrete structures chipping it with a hatchet, so there was somewhere for the concrete they “splatter” on to stick to. Its actually an art watching them do this, like a famous painter and his masterpiece.


Finishing off bottom of posts.

All the electric wiring,  boxes and plumbing have been installed in the walls, and I finished installing the low voltage wiring for all my security cameras. This was finished in preparation of the wall insulation and moisture guard sheetrock arrival and install.


The waterfront deck is getting some final things done to it, like finishing off the bases of the 6×6 posts with designer boxes, and work on the wall where my outdoor cook center will be.


Wall going up for countertop of cook center. Electric, water and gas line in.

Inside, the painter works away putting on a final coat of white paint on ceiling. This is really delicate work, and he did such a great job, not getting any on the stained hardwood beams.

Yesterday morning the sun was shining as the crew arrived at 6 AM, and immediately a couple guys started applying the 2nd coat of stain to the outside hardwood siding. WOW! Does it ever look good!


OMG! Insulation up!


And then in the afternoon I hear the air brakes, and sound of a massive truck backing into my driveway. Under the tarps, all the wall insulation and moisture guard sheetrock and “mud buckets” for the inside walls. I watched as the three delivery guys unloaded the entire supply themselves, and carried it to the under house storage room, in 90 degree heat.


OMG Big Time! Sheetrock going up!

This morning bright and early there are the guys, carrying the insulation and sheetrock upstairs for installation. In no time at all I see insulation going up in the inside walls of the kitchen. I just can’t contain myself, and sprint out of the Pirates Cabana up the front stairs. And there it is, insulation up and the guys cutting the first piece of sheetrock for install.

2nd coat

2nd coat of stain looking really great!

When I check back an hour later, sheetrock is up in kitchen and laundry room.

Did I say not only are these guys good at what they do, they are frickin quick!

And lastly, I know that everyone was all wrapped up in the “Big Event”, and I just wanted you all to know that the Pirate caught a glimpse of it on his beach !



Until next time, May the wind always be at yer back, yer sails full and your lips continually passed by Rum!

Cheers All,


Gary ….The Pirate


PS-For those that don’t know, we are having a boat custom made for us here in Belize, a 26b foot Panga. Hull is done and paint done. Waiting for hardtop, electronics, motor, etc. They brought it from shop inside of boat motel in case the hurricane did hit us 😉







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