Building our new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and does happen.

Finally getting everything completed on the house, and already starting some “remodels/additions”.

Placencia pool

The pool and pool bar at ” The Placencia” just up the road from us.

After finally getting all power and water installed, plumbing finished up, and actually getting to move into the new house, everything is coming together. Also, addressing the folding kitchen window and mega folding glass door in the living room which was a nightmare is getting fixed, thanks to us taking over as the “General Contractor”. Bennies window specialists cane and reversed big glass doors, and the new and correct 6-panel window for the kitchen is ordered and should be installed in a few weeks.


“The Guys” after they corrected the original error in the big folding glass door”

So as we try to get past the old “issues”, we decided to start some “upgrades” to the house. We decided to continue the 8-foot wood fence to the house, and then switch to a 3-foot cement wall that would wrap around the back of the house and beachfront stairs.


Needless to say, our Builder / Contractor Nelson Montalvo was excited to put a crew right on this for us. We love this guy and his crews, and the quality work they do.


The three-foot wall which will have the white plastic Bayco in those holes 😉

The 5-foot columns will have above the 3-foot wall, an additional 2 feet of the white plastic wire fencing as added security. The purpose of the wall is to contain an area for the dogs, where they can “visit” unattended.


See how the fence transitions into the short wall. 

The other major new addition is a concrete garage below the house. We have learned just how harsh the salt air is on anything metal, and especially vehicles. As we just spent el mucho cash-a-mundo on a new truck, longevity can be increased if parked enclosed in a garage.


Garage built in for Marsha’s new “baby”. There will be a gate to the right to contain dogs.

Another fun part of the fencing which takes our “Pirate Theme” to the next level here at the Pirates Paradise, is our new metal gate in front. Martin Galvez, another excellent local Builder/Contractor had his metal fabricators design and build this awesome 16-foot gate.


Arrrrrr ! Enter at your own risk !

Please keep an eye on my blogs because soon I will start blogging  “Builder / Contractor’s Spotlight Blogs”. I plan to do separate blogs on each of the four Belizean Builder/Contractors that I have found, to be honest, and quality builders. I will put my six years of research, as well as my personal experiences with all of them, along with references by owners, and photo’s of homes and resorts, that they and their employee’s actually built.


One of the featured “Builder Spotlight'” Belizean Designer / Builders built many buildings and homes here at the new exciting It’zana Resort and Residences here on the Placencia Peninsula.

Finally, next week, our shipping container is due to arrive in Belize City and being transported to our new house. After everything is unloaded and our home is in it’s final finished faze, I will be doing my final blog, a kind of sad event, with a happy ending.

The fun part at that point is I will be editing, and adding a “blog remodel” which will answer the many questions of how and why things changed at the end of our build. This won’t be in this blog format, but rather my next published book, my third in fact about Belize.

It will be named, “Building your new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and yes, Ugly that can and will happen”, and how to avoid it.

What a surprise, right?  😉


The Pirate …Gary…and his wench…Marsha 🙂



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2 Responses to Building our new home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly that can and does happen.

  1. Brooke says:

    Would love to meet you guys! I know your fence. Would you mind if I stopped by some day? Our home is still a work in progress. I understand..the good , bag and ugly!!
    Cheers! Fun to read your blog

    • Hi Brooke,
      Would love to meet up. Our shedules are busy, especially Marsha’s with Real Estate, but email me and I will give you my cell so we can get in touch. Hope you are experiencing more “good” than “ugly” 🙂

      PS- Thanks for following

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